How Renée Zellweger, Reese Witherspoon and More Celebs Are Rallying to Help Friend Nanci Ryder Fight ALS

October 18, 2016 - als

The quarrel to heal ALS got personal for Renée ZellwegerJennifer GarnerReese Witherspoon and other A-list celebrities when veteran publicist Nanci Ryder was diagnosed with a illness usually over dual years ago.

This Sunday, those stars and others, including Courteney Coxcame out to support the Walk to Defeat ALS in Los Angeles for a third time given Ryder, 64, went open with her diagnosis in 2014.

During her 30-year-plus career, Ryder represented countless A-list clients — including Witherspoon, Zellweger, Michael J. Fox and Leonardo DiCaprio — as a owner of BWR Public Relations. She stepped down from a association in 2014.

Her 2014 diagnosis was precipitated by ongoing outspoken issues, and as a neurological illness progressed, Ryder’s debate continued to deteriorate. By 2015, Ryder had mislaid her ability to pronounce and began using a gastrostomy feeding tube connected to her stomach to reinstate eating meals.

Within a past several weeks, a energy publicist has left from walking, to a walker, to a wheelchair as a outcome of change issues associated to ALS. Despite her earthy limitations, Ryder has defended her heading amusement and sarcasm. “Her iPad is installed with catchphrases, including some risqu� ones,” Fred Fisher, President and CEO of a ALS Association Golden West Chapter tells PEOPLE. “She’s still carrying fun. She’s still poking people. She has a disagreeable spiteful clarity of amusement and we unequivocally suffer that.”

Hollywood energy representative Bryan Lourd adds, “Nanci Ryder’s mind has a whole special super energy that many of us usually don’t have. She’s funny, and clever and a many determined warrior for all good people and things. She’s desired by everybody who knows her and now by many who usually know her story.”

Fisher explains that ALS is a illness of instrumentation — meaning, we have no choice to adjust to whatever happens as we declines. “That’s since Nanci is so incredible. In a face of something contingency of us could never suppose vital with she’s not usually vital with it, she’s thriving. That’s not singular to Nanci, though she exemplifies it.”

Fisher adds that Ryder’s dedication to branch her personal hardship into a resolution for everybody “teaches all of us how to face a fears, confront a obstacles and keep a eyes resolutely focused on creation a universe a improved place. we feel absolved to know her.”

At Sunday’s walk, Cox told PEOPLE, “I’m usually here since we adore Nanci Ryder, and we would do anything for her, and we would do anything to assistance find a heal for this disease, and if we can get some-more awareness, some-more money, or usually some-more support.”

Araya Diaz/WireImage

Araya Diaz/WireImage

“It’s smashing that everybody comes out. It’s so good that everybody whose career she has fostered, who she has given so most to, is here display their adore for her today. It’s an moving day,” Zellweger told PEOPLE during a event.

“You usually uncover up,” Witherspoon echoed to PEOPLE. “We have an implausible organisation of orderly people, so when Renée calls me we usually uncover up, or when Courtney calls me we usually rally. Nanci has a good organisation around her, a good organisation of people that she has finished so most for over a years, and we usually motivate any other and keep constantly in hold with any other. It’s been implausible to see how connected her friends are, and her friends are her family.”

Those friends have continued rallied to her side. Last year, some-more than 200 of Ryder’s friends, family and colleagues offering their support at the Walk to Defeat ALS in Los Angeles, propelling Team Nanci to initial place by lifting $141,893 for a Golden West Chapter of a ALS Association, according to The Hollywood Reporter. Cox, Witherspoon, Zellweger and Witherspoon’s CAA representative husband, Jim Toth were among her organisation captains.

Renée Zellweger, Courteney Cox, and Reese Witherspoon Support Team Nanci in ALS Walk

“She’s incredible,” Witherspoon told PEOPLE of Ryder during a 2015 event. “I mean, speak about a survivor. She’s usually managed to have such grace.” The actress, along with a other organisation members, wore Vera Wang-designed “Team Nanci” T-shirts during a walk.

Both Witherspoon and Zellweger were also on palm for a 2014 ALS walk, where Ryder told PEOPLE, “I am shamed by a adore and affability we have experienced. Renée and Reese are dual well-developed and amatory people.”

While a illness is fatal, Ryder has not given adult wish that open courtesy — including a Ice Bucket Challenge became renouned a same year as her diagnosis — competence lead to a cure. “Nobody is removing absolved of me yet!” she told The Hollywood Reporter in 2015. “I fun around. we email my doctors on Mondays: ‘Did we find a cure?’ “

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