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October 10, 2016 - als

HUNTSVILLE, Ala. – When someone is diagnosed with a depot illness, they face a choice of giving adult or fighting. But Huntsville’s Rick Isaacs isn’t going down though a battle. He knows how to fight.

Rick was an operative and module manager during Sikorsky Aircraft for 33 years building helicopters like a Black Hawk and even Marine One, a president’s ride. “That was kinda my life and we suspicion it was my calling,” Rick told us.

His goal now is most bigger. “A day doesn’t go by that I`m not doing something for ALS,” he said. “It’s what keeps me going. It’s my purpose in life. And utterly frankly, we suffer it.”

Rick’s battling Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis or ALS. He’s a fighter.  Rick grinned and said, “Oh yeah. Oh yeah, we have to be a warrior with this disease.” Diagnosed roughly 3 years ago, Rick says he usually had dual choices.

“You can face it conduct on or we can let it devour you,” he said. He wasn’t going to let a latter happen. “You only kinda have to pull that crap out of your mind and contend hey I’m going to suffer life and it’s different,” he said, “and some of it unequivocally stinks though we try to omit a bad and suffer a good.”

Every 3 months, he goes to a ALS Clinic during Crestwood Hospital where he meets with a group that evaluates him. And he does some studious conversing of his own. Rick talks to others who have been diagnosed with a disease.

“If we uncover them that life is still value vital and even when we have afflictions, we can do things that maybe we didn’t do before and maybe we gotta do it in a somewhat opposite approach though we can still do things to suffer life,” he said, “And have a lot of fun during it during a same time.”

Rick says a physique is unequivocally a vessel and when it fails you, it can be unequivocally disheartening. “I’m still in there. It’s a same aged Rick Isaac. we haven’t changed,” he said. “I’ve got a mangled clarity of humor. we still like to splash beer. we like people and we consider that’s what gets me by.”

He raises income all year to support ALS patients who need assistance and to account investigate to find a cure. Of a some-more than $146,000 lifted for a 2016 Huntsville Walk to Defeat ALS, some-more than $26,000 of it came from “Team Rick.”

His group of family and friends is fighting a ALS conflict as well. “Quite frankly, during slightest in my case,” Rick said. “I’m some-more endangered about what it does to others than what it does to me. You know, family, friends. It hurts them too.”

A black and white sketch of Lou Gehrig hangs in Rick’s home office. “That was special to me,” he told me. It was a present from an aged high propagandize crony he hadn’t seen in 40 years. That friend’s father upheld divided from ALS.

When he listened Rick was fighting a disease, he sent a print his crony in Huntsville with a note observant “this is yours now.”  It serves as a sign to Rick that only like Lou Gehrig pronounced during home image in Yankee track on Jul 4, 1939, he too has “an awful lot to live for.”

“There are small things that people do for we that unequivocally make it all worthwhile.  It gives we a reason to go on,” Rick said. “You know, we have a purpose in life. It’s most opposite than it was before. But we consider it’s most grander than it was before.”

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