How to Help Your Friends When They Ask to Help You

September 12, 2017 - als

Dagmar Living Well

ALS is not usually a treacherous illness for those of us who have it, though it also throws a well-meaning friends into a tizzy. Friends who truly wish to uncover their adore and support are stymied as to what to do, how to act or what to bring.

That’s since we’ve been guided by a past practice with other, some-more common, ailments. For example, when a crony is home ill with a cold, we move soup. Or for someone recuperating from surgery, we send cards and flowers. If they are in hospice care, afterwards we know it’s time to contend a goodbyes.

But announce to a universe that we have ALS and many folks are totally confused about what is approaching of them. Heck, during a time, we didn’t even know how to answer their question, “What can we do to help?”

I remember those initial few months. we perceived cards, flowers and, yes, even offers of soup! Don’t get me wrong; all of that positively was welcome, and a soup was really tasty!

What is a answer?

Over a past few years, there have been studies looking during what contributes to peculiarity of life for ALS patients, as good as what diminishes it. These studies found that feeling carefree and carrying certain coping strategies improves altogether well-being. What reduced peculiarity of life? Feeling isolated, carrying small amicable communication with others and losing a clarity of definition for one’s life.

If we could go behind in time, here’s what we would tell my friends when they asked that famous question, “What can we do to help?”

  • Encourage me to keep participating, interacting and socializing with normal activities. Offer to collect me up, travel in with me and lay subsequent to me. Provide a dignified support we need during this exposed time.
  • Brainstorm with me for ways we can sojourn active in a organisation of friends while easy a changes in my earthy abilities and my appetite level.
  • If we start to equivocate going out or am home-bound, keep me in a loop by emails filled with photos or videos. Keep in hit around FaceTime, Skype or other video-chat channels.
  • Try to keep a attribute as normal as possible. Pull me out of home on my illness by pity humorous stories or deliberating a common interests and stream events.
  • I might travel a small slower now, have debate issues, and not eat a same dishes as before, though don’t let that forestall me from attending special events and enjoying a association of others.
  • And, finally, keep my caregiver (spouse) in mind. If my caring is intensifying, offer to run errands, mail a package or collect adult a take-out meal. Or maybe give a present of time by charity to revisit with me so he or she can get out and have some “me time” as well.

But all this assistance is a two-way street, so we guarantee to:

  • Be open to your invitations. we might not feel emotionally adult to it initially, though I’ll go along anyway. we know that display adult and being among friends is a best thing to lift my mood and outlook.
  • Let we know when we need assistance and we will accept it when offered.
  • Be honest with we about my appetite levels. we will plead it plainly and let we know when we need ease and rest, or when I’m means to join in and have fun together.

Let’s be a change. Let’s lift recognition of ALS. Let’s assistance friends and family learn what they can do to assistance say a peculiarity of a lives.

Because, we CAN thrive with a small assistance from a friends!


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