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January 22, 2015 - als

LAWRENCEVILLE, GA (WXIA) — The Kern family — Melissa, her father Chris and their 12 year-old son — has had a really severe time a past 7 years. Forty-one-year-old Melissa is pang from modernized theatre ALS that has scarcely crippled her.

“The usually thing left that works are her eyes, so we only run a alphabet for her,” pronounced Chris.

The family has no incapacity advantages entrance in from a Social Security Administration to assistance them out. Without incapacity benefits, a family has been ravaged financially. They were forced to sell their residence and pierce in with Melissa’s Mom and Dad.

“We are in debt to one nursing association for $30,000,” he said.

Chris says they got incited down for Social Security incapacity advantages since Melissa left a workplace only 18 months brief of carrying a required credits. He says it was due to a symptoms of her ALS. Then, their financial set-back escalated.

“Because of that we could not get Medicaid or Medicare,” Chris said.

The Kerns kept appealing to Social Security to take a second demeanour and they kept removing incited down — though Chris Kern kept a certain attitude. He pronounced he wanted to give his mother a good peculiarity of life notwithstanding their financial plight.

Turns out she is a outrageous fan of The Lord of a Rings and The Hobbit films. So Chris did something utterly novel to get his mother expel as an additional in one of a movies.

“Through a energy of amicable networking, we got over 4,000 signatures and got in front of a executive Peter Jackson,” Chris said. “He called us and pronounced we wish to move her over. They flew us over to New Zealand and put us both in Hobbit makeup and put us in a credentials in one of a scenes.”

But when it came to removing assistance from Social Security, Chris Kern was during a passed end. Seven years and nothing. 11Alive News contacted Social Security officials, and a roadblocks were removed. On Thursday, for a initial time, Chris says, Social Security officials spoke with him during length. They pronounced they would free a Kerns’ box to assistance find a approach to get benefits, holding a outrageous step brazen for a family.

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