‘I adore my life’: Steve Gleason reflects on life with ALS, 6 years after depot diagnosis

January 6, 2017 - als

“Today outlines a 6 year anniversary of my ALS diagnosis, and we adore my life. we feel eloquent and over with where we am. I’m vehement about what is ahead,” began a note created by Steve Gleason.

Gleason posted a note Thursday to Twitter, giving his thoughts on his life given a diagnosis he went open with on Sept. 25, 2011. Since his announcement, a former Saints standout has worked to widespread recognition about amyotrophic parallel sclerosis.

In his note, Gleason described how a “remorseless and degrading disease” impacts not usually a diagnosed particular though also those who caring for them. 

“It can leave a victims in a pathetic, silent, futile store of flesh. It can destroy families. Spouses turn unrecognizable to any other, potential in frustration, anger, and shame,” he wrote.

Technology, Gleason wrote, was a usually resolution he found that helped those with ALS stay eloquent and productive.

Gleason and his wife, Michel, done recordings for their child Rivers; started Team Gleason to assistance others; and common a good and bad moments of their lives in a new film “Gleason.”

Despite all a trials he has faced, Gleason wanted to let it be famous that he is happy.

“While we intend to continue vital a suggestive life for decades, we know that my timeline is fragile, only like you. we don’t urge for a life but suffering, we urge for a strength to understand, while vital triumphantly.

“Six years after being handed a depot diagnosis, we know this. we am happy.”

To review Gleason’s note in full, click here.

source ⦿ http://www.theadvocate.com/new_orleans/sports/saints/article_0a5dab2c-d422-11e6-9f78-238a5871097d.html

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