‘I was blessed’: Mom with ALS defies contingency by breastfeeding her baby

September 16, 2015 - als

Two weeks after training that she was profound with her initial child, Amanda Bernier perceived news that was even some-more life-changing. The Connecticut firefighter was diagnosed with amyotrophic parallel sclerosis (ALS) and told that she and a baby she was carrying might not live prolonged adequate for a full tenure delivery.

Defying a odds, Bernier delivered a healthy baby girl, Arabella Grace, 10 months ago. And, nonetheless a 31-year-old’s health has continued to decrease — she has now mislaid all transformation and breathes with a assistance of a ventilator — she continues to enthuse others with her quarrel opposite ALS.

The immature mom took to her Facebook support community, Amanda’s Angels, final week to explain a problems she overcame in sequence to breastfeed her daughter Arabella, whom she affectionately calls “Peanut.”

Mom with ALS, Amanda Bernier, defies a contingency by breastfeedingCourtesy of Amanda Bernier

“I went from regulating races, operative in a lab and firefighting to not being means to pierce anything though my conduct and on a ventilator in 5 months,” Bernier wrote in her post. “I stayed in a medical ICU for 4 months until a pleasing and healthy daughter was innate during 39 weeks. She was breech and delivered around a C-section. My neurologist did not know how my physique would hoop a vital medicine or if we would live prolonged adequate to see her.

“As shortly as we was rolled to my room Peanut was placed on my chest. we was sanctified that she immediately knew what to do. The nurses that we had gotten to cater over a past entertain of a year knew how critical it was to me to breastfeed. They were dynamic to assistance me give that present to her.”

Bernier explained a hurdles she encountered while breastfeeding Arabella. Because of her inability to move, nurses and family members indispensable to reason a baby to her breasts while she fed. And, while she is now exclusively pumping breast divert for her daughter, Bernier still needs dual people to reason a pumps while her divert is expressed.

Pumping has presented other hurdles as well.

“Now that we am usually pumping my boobs are starting to get calluses,” Bernier wrote on Facebook. “I check holding my pain meds so that we don’t have to siphon and dump. we can’t take caring of my daughter, though we can give her a present of breast milk. we will continue on until my physique no longer produces.”

Baby Arabella, whose mom, Amanda Bernier, has ALSCourtesy of Amanda Bernier

Bernier’s post was a partial of array she wrote to teach people about what it’s like to live with ALS, and about what a ALS Ice Bucket Challenge is unequivocally all about. The immature mom finished internal news headlines recently; she got interviewed by NBC Connecticut (WVIT-HD) for severe Jimmy Fallon to attend in a Ice Bucket Challenge.

“I have not listened from Jimmy Fallon, though that is OK,” Bernier told TODAY Parents around email. (Though she can no longer speak, Bernier can form regulating eye movements.) “My idea was accomplished, that was to emanate recognition of ALS. …

“I have been examination (Jimmy Fallon) for years,” she added. “Even my nurses in a sanatorium knew to spin a TV on to him any night. It’s good to tumble defunct with a grin on your face.”

Bernier’s breastfeeding post has left viral given she common it on Facebook on Sept. 7. She pronounced she’s not astounded that it has given it’s “about a purest form of love.”

“Moms contend they would do anything for their child and we have had that event to do so. we have finished all that we can to give her a best start in life,” Bernier said. “I consider given we see a good in everything, it reminds people that there are so many things to be beholden for.”

Amanda’s Angels, a support village friends started for Bernier and her husband, Chris, also set adult a GoFundMe page for a couple. That bid has lifted scarcely $400,000 to assistance cover medical losses and concede them to build a incomparable residence that accommodates a medical apparatus Bernier needs to accept caring during home with her baby.

Mom with ALS, Amanda Bernier, with her daughter Arabella Courtesy of Amanda Bernier

“The normal out of slot responsibility for an ALS studious is $300,000,” Bernier said. “Being a immature couple, there was no approach we would be means to ascent a residence or compensate for my medical bills.”

Chris Bernier pronounced he has been vacant by his wife’s restraint given her diagnosis.

“She has helped and desirous some-more people than we will ever know,” Chris. “Throughout a tour we select to concentration on a certain of any day, as focusing on a disastrous isn’t going to change a situation.”

Bernier pronounced she wants to concentration on what she can leave behind: Memories for her daughter to delight once she is no longer here.

“As formidable as it is to know that we am failing earlier than we would have liked, and that my daughter won’t remember me, we came to terms with it after my diagnosis,” she said. “There is no indicate for me to be dissapoint any day. … we suffer any day, as it is a present to be alive. we have attempted to do as many things as we could consider of to assistance Arabella know who we am.”

Bernier has combined scrapbooks and journals to leave behind for her daughter, as good as birthday cards and special records for Arabella to accept on critical days such as graduations and her marriage day. She’s also prepared gifts for Arabella’s initial 21 Christmases.

While she’s not certain how most time she has left, Bernier pronounced she’s grateful to have had a support required to give Arabella breast divert for as prolonged as she needs it. She’s also happy that her Facebook post has given other immature mothers a required support to continue breastfeeding.

“Anything is probable if we put your mind to it,” Bernier said. “When it’s removing tough, usually remember that we have a special bond that usually we and your baby have. Remember a adore as we gawk into any other’s eyes. Remember that we are assisting their shield and environment a substructure for a healthy body. And, if we don’t make it to your goal, usually consider of all a positives we were means to do in a time we did breastfeed.”

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