Ice Fishing Tournament Raises Money for ALS

March 9, 2015 - als

The National Coho Salmon Festival in Benzie County teamed adult with ALS of Northern Michigan to put on an ice fishing competition this weekend.

The organisation wanted to lift recognition for a means that is nearby a dear to their community.

“She gave behind to a community. we consider it’s only a good approach for us to kind of flog off a year for a festival and give behind to a village ourselves,” Patti’s crony Jennifer Sikorski said.

“Fish Frenzy” was some-more than an ice fishing tournament. It was a jubilee of someone in a village who died final year.

“Patti Bailey was a lifelong member of a community. She was also family, and she’s like a second mom,” Fish Frenzy Co-organizer Josh Rayner said.

Bailey died from ALS final December.

The organizers of a fishing competition wanted to change things adult this year and assistance others who humour from a same illness Bailey did.

“She was only a good lady,” Sikorski said. She gave behind to a village a lot she was only always there for everybody else. When she got sick, everybody else attempted to be there for her. So only kind of a approach to give behind to her.”

The organizers saw reduce audience than they’d hoped for a initial annual eventuality on Platte Lake in Honor. But they pronounced any person’s grant is valuable. 

“We came adult w this thought to do this ice fishing competition and present twenty percent of a deduction to a ALS foundation,” Rayner said.

Many of a fishermen were blissful to be a partial of a new tradition.

“We came out here yesterday during 6 o’ time in a morning. Been fishing ever since, so it’s been a good time,” Fisherman Robert Sillaway said.

The competition finished today, lifting some-more than 100 dollars for a ALS Association.

“No matter a volume that we lift or give to them, it’s appreciated. And they can do what they need to continue to do to try and find a heal or to assistance people that are in need.”

The National Coho Festival skeleton to mix a ice fishing competition with lifting income for ALS for years to come. They wish for a improved audience any year.

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