Ice Hockey: West Milford, Lakeland to play alumni diversion for ALS cause

November 18, 2015 - als

West Milford and Lakeland ice hockey alumni will reason an alumni diversion on Nov. 27 to lift recognition for Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis (ALS), ordinarily famous as a Lou Gehrig’s disease.

“We started this final year given West Milford and Lakeland is such a large rivalry,” West Milford ice hockey manager Dan Frey said. “So we suspicion it would be a cold suspicion final year to try to get an alumni game. We were kind of struggling on a possess to get alumni to play. So we suspicion it would be a cold suspicion to try to move Lakeland in and lift income for some kind of charity.”

Proceeds from a game, that will take place during 8:30 p.m. during a Ice Vault Arena in Wayne, will advantage a Gary Ragusa ALS Fund.

While a illness has perceived increasing courtesy over a past year or so due to a Ice Bucket Challenge, it continues to impact many lives around a world.

Among those influenced is Ragusa, a lifelong proprietor of Wayne and a father of Wayne Valley hockey actor Gary Ragusa.

When Frey schooled of a elder Ragusa’s diagnosis, he motionless to make a an alumni diversion that was about something bigger than only hockey.

The wish is that a diversion can assistance enlarge a GoFundMe debate that Ragusa’s crony and co-worker, Michael Riga, has started on interest of a family. That comment has already brought in scarcely $20,000, that – in further to income from a diversion – will assistance a Ragusas make a necessary modifications to their home and defer the travel losses compared with initial treatments.

“I suspicion it would be cold to collect something that is nearby and dear to a hockey community,” Frey said. “It seemed like a unequivocally good approach for West Milford and Lakeland to do something more. My idea is to lift as most income as we can and present it true to a Ragusa fund. we consider they’re perplexing to use it to do whatever they can to quarrel ALS. we don’t consider we are going to lift a lot of money, though each dollar will help. That’s a instruction we’re perplexing to go in.”

Lakeland manager Nick Crouch common identical sentiments about a game.

“I know Gary privately from a time we spent training during Wayne Valley,” Crouch said. “I consider it’s good for dual opposition programs to come together and support a good cause. we only consider that everybody wants to do what they can to support him.”

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