In slaying of Lake Elmo lady and sister, ex-deputy blames ALS remedy –

February 22, 2015 - als

Kacee Tollefsbol (Courtesy photo)

A former Dane County sheriff’s emissary charged with murdering his mother and her sister in Aug will beg not guilty by reason of mental illness or defect, claiming that a depot illness he suffers from influenced his brain, caused bad incentive control and influenced his ability to heed a law, according to justice papers.

Lawyers for Andrew Steele, 40, of Fitchburg also explain in disclosures filed Wednesday that remedy Steele was holding for amyotrophic parallel sclerosis (ALS), along with other medicines, caused contingent intoxication.

Steele is charged with dual depends of first-degree conscious carnage for a Aug. 22 sharpened deaths of Ashlee Steele, 39, and her sister, Kacee Tollefsbol, 38, of Lake Elmo, during a Steele home in Fitchburg.

An stupidity invulnerability would need a two-phase hearing for Steele — one to settle guilt, and a second to settle either he was legally obliged for his actions. The contingent intoxication invulnerability would be partial of a initial proviso of a trial.

A three-week hearing for Steele before Dane County Circuit Judge Nicholas McNamara is scheduled to start with jury preference Apr 13.

Steele’s subsequent justice coming is scheduled for Mar 27. He is being hold in a Rock County Jail in lieu of $2 million bail.

Steele late from a Dane County sheriff’s bureau after he was diagnosed with ALS.

No ground for a sharpened deaths was disclosed in a rapist censure filed in August, and any hunt warrants associated to a box have been regularly hermetic by Dane County judges, who have pronounced that recover of information in a warrants could be damaging to a state’s case.

An sequence by Circuit Judge David Flanagan sealing a aver in Sep settled that a information in that warrant, “if disclosed during this time and if after dynamic to be mistaken, wrong or irrelevant, could be damaging to a repute of Andrew P. Steele and other persons.”

According to a outline of probable testimony by 3 experts filed by Steele’s lawyers on Wednesday, ALS affects haughtiness cells in a mind and a spinal cord.

As a illness has progressed, both Steele’s hippocampus — a “emotional response center” of a mind — and frontal lobe have postulated damage, a filing said.

Damage to a hippocampus can means bad incentive control and detriment of memory, a outline states, while repairs to a frontal lobe can lead to detriment of inhibition, celebrity changes and “loss of patience in personal family and amicable life, including a inability to heed one’s control to a law,” Steele’s lawyers wrote.

All of those same experts, and one additional doctor, are also prepared to attest that medication and over-the-counter drugs taken by Steele, in multiple with his already-compromised brain, left him receptive to inauspicious and astonishing effects. The specific medicines were not discussed in a disclosure.

Steele’s lawyers declined Thursday to give an refurbish on his condition.

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