Intel medical executive calls ALS diagnoses a "cluster"

April 15, 2015 - als

PORTLAND, Ore. — Michelle Berry is removing impatient.

She’s examination as Intel builds an even bigger foothold in her community, a matter of Washington County’s mercantile bang with some-more jobs and some-more housing all tied to a tech giant. But she wonders, during what cost?

Since KATU On Your Side Investigators aired a news in February about her father Dan, a planer tech during Intel who died from ALS during a age of 49, a association has contacted Michelle charity a review over a phone.

The review was led by Dr. Michael Fischman, Intel’s partial time tellurian medical director. Michelle was astounded during a vernacular Dr. Fischman used as he talked about Intel employees diagnosed with this deadly disease.

“He pronounced it was a cluster and they couldn’t figure out what it was. They couldn’t find anything in their review that could means it,” she said.

Did they meant “cluster” in a approach a Centers for Disease Control means cluster?

“I would assume so, being a doctor,” answered Michelle.

A cluster as tangible by a CDC “is an surprising aggregation, genuine or perceived, of health events that are grouped together in time and space and that are reported to a health agency.”

Michelle says she knows of 3 Intel planer techs including her father all diagnosed with ALS within dual years.

That’s 3 employees all operative closely together in a work organisation Michelle recalls was reduction than a 100 dealt a genocide judgment that typically strikes dual people in 100,000.

That’s as distant as Intel’s review goes, according to Michelle.

Dr. Fischman told her medical confidentiality manners prevented Intel from checking for some-more cases.

So KATU’s On Your Side Investigators checked obituaries, typing in simple keywords like ‘Intel’ and ‘ALS.’ Our hunt identified 4 some-more deaths among those who’d worked during a company. One from 2014, a same year Dan died. One in 2013, another in 2010, and another in late 2008.

“If something is going on… it needs to stop, it needs to be taken caring of, looked into so it doesn’t occur to anybody else,” pronounced Michelle. “I wish them to be responsible. we wish them to figure this out. we wish some form of investigate done.”

During her review with Intel, Michelle asked about a dual studies a KATU Investigators found divulgence aloft rates of neurodegenerative diseases among chip-manufacturing workers, one from Harvard University, one from Boston University.

Dr. Fischman pronounced he hadn’t listened of those though he cited another study to disagree that Michelle’s husband’s work during Intel had zero to do with his genocide from ALS. We looked into that news from Vanderbilt University, a 2010 investigate display no increasing cancer risk for semiconductor attention cleanroom workers.

It turns out that investigate was paid for in partial by a Semiconductor Industry Association.

Not really convincing for Michelle Berry. She says she’ll keep dire for answers in whatever approach she can.

“I’m not opposite Intel, I’m not anti-Intel. They’ve finished a lot for me, they’ve finished a lot for a lot of people. But we don’t wish anybody else — another 7 to 10 people in another 4 or 5 years during Intel to locate this and not know why.Watching your father rubbish divided after 4 years when he’s a brilliant, smashing chairman is not anything anybody else should have to go through.”

Intel continues to claim there is no tie between ALS and operative with Intel. A orator for a association denied KATU’s ask for an on-camera interview.

The Berry family has also requested a finish duplicate of Dr. Fischmann’s inner investigation. KATU Investigators requested a same documents. So distant Intel has not incited those over, again citing health remoteness laws.

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