Johns Creek Couple Documents Journey With ALS

May 17, 2016 - als

When Steve Dezember II of Johns Creek started carrying wrist
pain in 2009, his alloy told him it was an aged damage flaring up. A feet drop
was discharged as a greeting to a steel image placed in his feet after a college
wrestling injury. When he began descending for no apparent reason, however, he
knew it was something some-more serious.

Appointments with 4 neurologists led to
his diagnosis on Aug. 9, 2011. It was ALS (amyotrophic parallel sclerosis, often
referred to as Lou Gherig’s Disease). He was 28 years old.

Three days later, on Aug. 12, Dezember
took his girlfriend, Hope Cross, to their favorite mark along the
Chattahoochee River and proposed, observant that if she wanted to leave, he
understood, yet if not, he wanted her to marry him.

She pronounced approbation and they were
married Oct. 15, 2011. Their marriage was even highlighted on a radio uncover “Say Yes to a Dress.”

Steve pronounced that on a day of his diagnosis he knew the
reason he was given ALS was to “impact and learn a world.”

Hope says “Steve’s always been super relatable and a social
butterfly so examination this occur to someone like him will unequivocally open people’s
eyes adult to his illness and hopefully change them to live fuller lives.”

The finish outcome of Steve’s prophesy is a one-hour-13-minute
documentary, “Hope for Steve,” that went on sale as a digital download commencement May 3, usually in time for ALS
Awareness Month.

The documentary is
available for squeeze for $12.99 or let for $5.99 from Amazon (
or iTunes (

It was a prolonged debate from a seed of an thought to national

The beginning, Hope says, was her holding home movies. She
chronicled their day-to-day lives during home – understanding with a issues of daily life
such as mobility, medicines and diet — and roving as Steve’s condition
began to get worse. By Jul 2012, Steve
was in a wheelchair yet still means to transport so he and Hope embellished a mini-van
with ALS messages and gathering to California and behind on a “bucket list” trip.

Archival interviews and photos and interviews with Steve’s
and Hope’s families give a glance into their childhoods. From there a film
chronicles their meeting, Steve’s early symptoms and diagnosis, Steve and Hope’s
wedding and their debate with ALS.
Throughout a film Steve loses his ability to move, breathe, eat and
speak. Hope’s purpose as full-time caregiver
becomes some-more and some-more difficult as she learns to hoop Steve’s ever-growing
medical needs.

The film’s summary is one of hope. At 5’8”, Steve’s weight
at one indicate plummeted to 64 pounds. By a time it crept behind adult to 84
pounds, Steve, vocalization with a
computer-assisted debate device, pronounced “My suggestion is not damaged and we will not let
my discerning decrease daunt me from staying positive.”

The documentary is a work of many people who rallied
around Steve and Hope to assistance them widespread their message.

Matt Moore was a crony of Steve’s from their days at
Chattahoochee High School.

Moore was a
freshman when Steve was a comparison and says, “Steve was a cool, comparison kid.” Their dads played golf together so as a years passed, a families kept in
touch and Moore schooled that Steve had grown ALS.

Moore was an novice during a
video prolongation association when a third friend, Taylor Graves, mentioned to Moore
that he was operative with Steve and Hope on some open use announcements
about ALS. Graves pronounced he didn’t have time to revise a videos, would Moore be
interested? Moore pronounced he “didn’t really
think most of it during a time yet somewhere down a line” they all realized
that Hope and Steve had a unequivocally constrained story and it deserved some-more than
just PSAs. About that time, Sarah Spicer, a college crony of Steve’s, wanted
to be concerned with revelation their story as well.

Moore pronounced he and Spicer met for coffee to speak about their
ideas. Moore pronounced “She had viewpoint I
didn’t have,” quite looking during a story “from a womanlike indicate of view.”

From there, a dual got to work going by all of a iPad
and cellphone videos Hope and Steve had created. They satisfied fast if they were going to
do this, they indispensable funding. A Kickstarter debate was started to
crowd-source a money. Moore pronounced they directed for $35,000, that he says is
“the unclothed minimum” for a documentary.

He wasn’t certain if they would be means to
reach a goal, yet says he underestimated a energy of Hope and Steve’s social
network. When Steve and Hope began their journey, Hope says they knew they had
a choice – “shield everybody or share a lives.”

They chose to share, mainly
through amicable media, and a Hope for Steve Facebook page has scarcely 16,500
followers. The energy of amicable media
helped a organisation strech their idea in reduction than dual weeks.

“This was people’s approach to assistance tell this once in a lifetime
story,” Moore said.

Money in hand, now it was time for a genuine work to start.

“When a income comes we have a outrageous responsibility,” Moore
said. He had never finished anything some-more than weddings or tiny commercials “so this was a large undertaking.”

“It usually started
getting bigger and bigger,” Hope said.

By a summer of 2013, Hope pronounced she satisfied their
collection of videos was “going to be a legit understanding was when a Dave Matthews
Band and Michael Franti concluded to let us use their music.”

Steve and Hope are both fans of a rope Michael Franti and
Spearhead and had tickets to a concert
in Florida in Apr of 2013. Knowing it was expected Steve’s final possibility to
attend a concert, they both sent Franti messages on Twitter seeking if it would
be probable for them to accommodate him and a rope during a concert. The answer was a
“yes” that has led to a durability loyalty between Steve and Hope and Franti .

Hope pronounced Franti’s debate manager is friends with Dave
Matthews and got that thespian concerned in a plan as well. “Dave was star
struck by Steve,” Hope said.

The documentary was finally finished and prepared for the
public. The documentary group worked together to secure a Buckhead Theater for
the premiere. On Jun 1, 2014, 700 people
filled a Buckhead Theater concerned to see Hope and Steve’s story on a big
screen. Hope removed that night and how it felt “listening to people giggle and

At that moment, Hope pronounced she knew “we had to distribute
this.” For dual months following a premiere, a DVD was accessible for
purchase by Hope for Steve Films. But Steve had bigger goals. He wants to
see his documentary on Netflix.

Moore pronounced “We didn’t know a initial thing about how to go
about removing that.” He pronounced they
finally satisfied they indispensable a sales representative to emporium a film around to various
distributors. Finally, Moore said,
Virgil Film Distributors, a large upholder of documentaries, including Supersize
Me, motionless that Hope for Steve “met
their peculiarity of standards” and picked adult a rights.

Steve’s idea of carrying a documentary on Netflix has nonetheless to
be realized, though. Hope pronounced either or not Netflix picks it adult will be
determined by sales numbers yet she pronounced they should know something by a end
of a summer.

“Our idea was never to make income on this,” Hope said. “Steve
wants to make an impact … (his) ultimate idea is not usually lift recognition for
ALS yet to learn people not to wait until an illness strikes to live their

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