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October 24, 2016 - als

VIRGINIA BEACH, Va. (WAVY) – It was a ideal day during a Oceanfront for those who came out to lift recognition about ALS on Saturday.

“We’re only vehement we can during slightest be here and put a income where a mouth is and a feet on a travel to assistance out Beth,” says Allie Wittkamp.

Wittkamp is a clamp boss of selling for TowneBank. The business sponsored a organisation “Beth’s Brigade” to travel during Sunday’s JTWalk Beach Party.

“It unequivocally is only display as a community, a whole Hampton Roads community, we’re ancillary it,” Wittkamp says about anticipating a heal for a disease.

(Photo pleasantness of Doug Davis/WAVY)
(Photo pleasantness of Doug Davis/WAVY)

She walked for Beth’s Brigade since of a lady it is named after.

Beth Prever is a comparison clamp boss of open family for TowneBank. She’s led efforts for years to assistance lift income for a event, though in April, she was diagnosed with ALS.

“I’m vocalization since Beth can’t pronounce for herself right now. She can walk. She can move. She’s a force to be reckoned with though for a moment, we’ll be her voice,” Wittkamp says.

The travel was started by a Virginia Gentleman Foundation after Josh Thompson, a first member’s brother, was diagnosed with ALS 10 years ago.

“ALS, no one knows where it comes from. There’s no cure. It solemnly erodes divided all a engine neurons in your body. It paralyzes we though we never remove your mental capacity. It’s like being in a potion coffin,” says Bruce Thompson, who is Josh’s father.

Thompson says a eventuality has grown bigger any year.

“It’s intensely fulfilling for me, my family, and my son Josh, to see currently 5,500 people on a boardwalk and lifting over a million dollars for a charity’s cause,” Thompson says.

(Photo pleasantness of Doug Davis/WAVY)
(Photo pleasantness of Doug Davis/WAVY)

The rope Train also achieved during a event’s after celebration hold during a Virginia Beach Convention Center. All of a day’s events were about most some-more than carrying fun and lifting money.

It was a sign to those with ALS, there are people out there that have their backs.

“Being means to uncover that love, we’re blissful we have a event to do that, though not for a reason. So we’ll keep walking for a cure,” Wittkamp says.

The fundraiser also lifted income for Camp Grom, a campground trickery designed to give bleeding warriors a place for rehabilitation.

If you’d like to present to a Virginia Gentleman’s Foundation, we can revisit their website at www.vagentlemen.com.

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