Kamloops male wins ALS Society of B.C.’s Exceptional Public Awareness Program Award

April 9, 2016 - als

Rick Dunbar of Kamloops has been awarded a 2016 ALS Society of B.C.’s Exceptional Public Awareness Program Award.

The endowment was handed out recently during a 2016 Volunteer Recognition Awards in Richmond.

The honour is given to those who run well-developed programs directed during educating and augmenting open recognition of ALS in a past 12 months.

Since his diagnosis, Dunbar has participated in large media interviews and is a member of a Kamloops Walk for ALS and Golf Tournament of Hope committees.

As ALS Society of B.C. executive executive Wendy Toyer noted, Dunbar has dedicated himself to advocating for those vital with ALS and lifting open recognition of a disease.

“Rick is an constituent partial of a proffer group in a Kamloops area,” Toyer said.

Early in 2013, Dunbar started to feel impassioned pain in his behind and legs. After a series of tests with no answers, he was referred to a neurologist. An MRI was done, and, when he and mother Laurie went for a follow-up appointment, it was afterwards they schooled a harmful news a luck of Dunbar carrying ALS was between 90 and 95 per cent.

Rick Dunbar with daughter Tusha and mother Laurie (right).

Rick Dunbar with daughter Tusha and mother Laurie (right).

This diagnosis was a finish startle and a neurologist suggested they get a second opinion.

An appointment was set adult during a ALS Centre during a G.F. Strong Rehab Centre in Vancouver, where a strange diagnosis was confirmed.

As their new existence staid in, a Dunbars were faced with a charge of pity a news with Rick’s 95 year-old father, their children, grandchildren, brothers, sisters, family and friends.

The news came usually as Dunbar had retired. The couple, who will applaud their 48th marriage anniversary in November, were formulation on stability their annual Snowbird vacations to Arizona in their fifth wheel.

Toyer pronounced an ALS diagnosis raises a fear of a different and of what lies ahead. Emotions are heightened, not usually for a chairman diagnosed, though also for family and friends.

The Dunbars, after rapacious a full impact of a diagnosis, set about educating themselves.

They detected a ALS “family,” an classification of people prepared to listen, assistance know and beam them in their query to make some clarity out of a heart-wrenching news.

They also done a preference not to change a approach they lived. They had always focused on family and friends and they were dynamic to continue to do this.

Nevertheless, ALS has taken a fee on Dunbar and a family. His muscles are ceaselessly weakening, he uses dual bipap machines and is training how to use a trilogy ventilator.

Laurie is her husband’s categorical caregiver and, in Apr 2015, she suffered dual heart attacks. Family and friends rallied to support them in confronting nonetheless another life-altering conditions as Laurie recovered.

Laurie volunteers to assistance classify a annual ALS Walk and Golf Tournament in Kamloops.

• For some-more on Rick Dunbar, hunt his name on YouTube.

• About Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis: ALS is a fast progressive, neuromuscular disease. It attacks a engine neurons that broadcast electrical impulses from a mind to a intentional muscles in a body. When they destroy to accept messages, a muscles remove strength, atrophy and die. ALS can strike anyone during any time, regardless of age, gender or racial origin. It does not impact a senses and usually frequency does it impact a mind.

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