Lacrosse Teams Face Off To Fight ALS

April 8, 2016 - als

GREENSBORO, N.C. — The Annual Face-Off Against ALS Lacrosse Classic is going into a 3rd year.  This is an annual eventuality where a internal lacrosse village comes together to lift income and recognition about Lou Gehrig’s Disease differently famous as ALS.

What started as an eventuality where friends and family could accumulate to commemorate a memory of their desired ones, who have battled Lou Gehrig’s Disease, has now incited into an annual event.  The Greensboro  village has come together to lift income and lift recognition about a illness that has influenced so many. 

ALS affects about 5,600 people a year in a US. The normal life outlook from diagnosis is roughly 2 years. 

Both a boys and girls lacrosse teams from Page High School and Greensboro Day School will be personification any other this Saturday, Apr 9th during Page High School.

Last year scarcely 1,000 people attended a eventuality and by sponsorships and sheet and benefaction sales, they lifted $15,000 in donations all going to serve a goal of a Duke ALS Clinic.

In further to being a good rivalry, this collaborative bid between GDS and Page started 3 years ago to applaud a lives of Karen Kelly and Pete Moffitt – both of whom mislaid their conflict with ALS in 2013.

These dual special people and their families desirous many by their bold journeys to step-up and do their partial to lift recognition and appropriation for a ongoing efforts to find a cure. 

In further to honoring Kelly and Moffitt, this year’s diversion will also respect Noelle Holl, a sister of a clergyman during GDS and Leanne O’Rourke Hurwitz, a family member of a Page parent.

You can buy tickets during a embankment on a day of a diversion for $10. And we can find some-more information on a event’s Facebook page

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