Let’s Raise Awareness About a Many Looks of ALS

May 16, 2018 - als

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The other day, we watched a celebrity interview on TV. The soft-spoken male had short, neat hair and wore a blue button-down shirt. He looked like a landowner or an accountant. But he was a drum guitarist in a rock-and-roll band! Boy, looks can be deceiving!

It’s a same thing with ALS. Except that ALS doesn’t have usually one look — it has a thousand looks.

On a one hand, for many people, ALS looks like images of a late Stephen Hawking or famous football retirees who are cramped to electric wheelchairs.

But a existence is that ALS strikes group and women of all races, both immature and elderly. ALS affects athletes, artists, bankers, teachers, actors, and waiters. The commonality is a diversity.

For many ALS patients, symptoms start out small and change from chairman to person. We mix in, unnoticeable in a crowd, and we mostly tumble into the “Gee, we don’t demeanour sick” category. But ALS affects 450,000 people worldwide. Together, we could validate as a large-sized city!

So, while we concentration this month (and all summer) on ALS recognition and fundraising activities, let’s supplement one some-more idea to a campaigns: Let’s work toward expanding open perceptions of what ALS looks like.

Here are a few simple, easy suggestions about how to do that:

  • Add a frame to your Facebook form print that references ALS Awareness Month.
  • Once a week, share an ALS-related post on your Facebook page. Check out a posts on a ALS Association Chapter Facebook page for your state.
  • Start a review about ALS with your friends and advise a internal recognition activity.
  • When out and about, wear an essay of wardrobe (T-shirt, bracelet, bag, hat, etc.) with an ALS trademark on it.
  • Check out a ALS Association or Motor Neurone Disease Association websites for some-more ideas on how to lift awareness.

Let’s keep a movement going.

Not usually is this a month of lifting supports for ALS research, though we are also lifting recognition AND putting a open face to ALS. Your face, my face — let’s enhance a look of ALS — and afterwards let’s use a supports and recognition to erase this disease.


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