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June 14, 2015 - als

Someone in a U.S. is diagnosed with ALS each 90 minutes, and each 90 minutes, someone in a U.S. dies from ALS.

In an bid to teach a open about ALS and fundraise for a cause, a Les Turner ALS Foundation and a volunteers orderly activities in May, that is National ALS Awareness Month.

First, hundreds of volunteers participated in Tag Days drives, collecting donations and lifting awareness. Through 16 Tag Days drives via a Chicago area, collectively, volunteers lifted $45,000 for research, studious services and educational programs. The Tag Days expostulate in Barrington was a success, and we are beholden to Bob Lee and Chris Maytnier for their efforts as a internal captains.

Second, a Les Turner ALS Research and Patient Center during Northwestern Medicine used a Ice Bucket Challenge as impulse to launch an ice sculpture muster featuring people with ALS. The muster told a stories of people with ALS and a debilitating effects of a disease. For some-more information, revisit FreezeALS.com.

ALS is a depot neuromuscular illness that attacks a person’s muscles, gradually robbing them of their ability to walk, speak, eat and breathe, nonetheless customarily gripping their mind intact. Although diagnosis of symptoms mostly improves peculiarity of life, there is no heal for ALS.

To those who upheld Tag Days and a Freeze ALS campaign, appreciate you. Your support allows us to continue providing assistance and wish to people with Lou Gehrig’s disease.

Andrea Pauls Backman

Executive director, Les Turner ALS Foundation Skokie

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