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July 23, 2015 - als

LINCOLN – At 52 years old, Russ Chevalier has finished a lot of things in his life, though he never suspicion essay and book a book would be one of them.

When he was diagnosed with amyotrophic parallel sclerosis, or ALS, he satisfied time was regulating out if he wanted to finish essay and book his book, “Are We a Klingons,” a scholarship novella novel about a organisation of scientists going to another universe in hopes of saving humankind, regulating motifs of Greek mythology, Christianity and supernatural activities. Chevalier pronounced a spaceship characters in a book are all names from a Bible.

Chevalier pronounced he initial beheld symptoms of ALS while participating in one of his favorite activities – bowling. One morning while bowling in 2010, Chevalier was in his second game, and toward a finish of that round, his right leg would stop moving.

“In a after half of my 40s, we was tripping and descending by only walking around, and we couldn’t build flesh during a gym,” Chevalier said.

Chevalier pronounced his wife, Donna, eventually assured him to see a doctor, and he went by over 9 months of examinations and tests in sequence to find out either or not he had ALS. When he finally found out ALS was his diagnosis in 2012, he pronounced his whole impending on life changed.

“Before we consider ‘I’ll to it later,’ though after we don’t know how many laters you’re going to get.”

Chevalier began essay “Are We a Klingons” in 2005 though hadn’t overwhelmed it in years. He did some of his essay while he was operative as a third-shift confidence ensure during a room facility. When he late in 2014, he found a time to combine and finish a book. He finished essay final summer, and Page Publishing edited and published a final edition.

Chevalier pronounced he wanted to “catch a imagination” with his story, while exploring a speculation of a blank genetic couple in tellurian evolution.

“I trust aliens came here a prolonged time ago, when we schooled about a blank link,” he said.

After 9 months of processing, Donna pronounced her father looked like a child on Christmas Day when he saw a book with a cover for a initial time.

However, a value of essay this book goes over Chevalier’s personal accomplishments.

Given his diagnosis and credentials in a military, Chevalier pronounced he is donating some of a book’s deduction to a Providence VA Medical Center’s ALS Clinic. He will reason an central book recover and signing from 2 to 6 p.m. on Sunday, Jul 26, during St. Joseph Veterans Association, 99 Louise St., Woonsocket.

Chevalier served in both a U.S. Army and Air Force on an artillery section before fasten a 509th Security Police Special Operations Division for dual years. Though he was never deployed, Chevalier pronounced his section was on a approach to Oklahoma to assist a British in a Falkland Islands conflict, when a train was incited around as a fighting ended.

After spending time in a Strategic Air Command, Chevalier finished his troops career and changed between his local home of Woonsocket and Florida, though is now staid with his mother in Lincoln.

Chevalier has created 4 sequels to his initial book. For a timing being, he pronounced he wants to continue to transport a universe to ancient locations such as Puma Punku in Bolivia, Stonehenge in England and a Egyptian pyramids.

Though Chevalier will reason a recover and signing, a 209-page “Are We a Klingons” is accessible on Amazon and Barnes and Noble.

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