Local connoisseur takes on debilitating ALS

April 5, 2016 - als

A purple brave and unwell muscles, dual things that conclude Mifflinburg connoisseur Devin Ward, 51, and dual things that he never dreamed would be compared with him.

Ward was diagnosed in Aug with ALS (Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis), also famous as Lou Gehrig’s disease. Because of increasing awareness, many people now know ALS is a depot illness that causes muscles to atrophy. Eventually, even those indispensable for swallowing and respirating turn paralyzed. Life outlook after diagnosis averages dual to 5 years.

“It’s such a harmful disease,” Ward pronounced by phone from his California home, his debate only commencement to thicken as his throat muscles destroy him. “It’s horrible.”

But he’s tangible some-more by his fighting suggestion — and that purple brave — than by a disease. Ward is entertainment a group for a Apr 9th Walk to Defeat ALS, in San Luis Obispo, California, anticipating to lift income for investigate being finished by a ALS Association.

“Friends are entrance all a approach out here from behind East,” he said, inventory associate Mifflinburg locals Judi Bitner, Suzi Latanza, and Lori Herman Weaver, as good as Ward’s brother, Darin, and 3 sisters, Danielle, Daniette, and Darica, all fasten a group of 200. “My group is a biggest group of all a groups entrance to a Walk. They’re all going to be wearing a T-shirt.”

The T-shirt facilities Ward’s purple beard, that came about when he was home for Christmas and his niece, Zoe Donohue, begged him to let her color it. Little did he realize, a purple brave would assistance in his query to lift recognition and appropriation for ALS.

“The brave has turn a pitch now, so I’m going with it,” he said. “It helps to attract attention. It brought people to me. It’s been a unequivocally good approach for me to disciple and teach people on a disease.”

After ALS forced Ward to renounce from his position as a first- and second-grade teacher, he trafficked to Germany and Japan, where he once lived for a total 14 years, and to Columbia, Costa Rica, Thailand, and Cambodia.

“While we am still means to walk, we know, we wanted to suffer myself,” he said.

He has lustful memories of flourishing adult in a borough, where his parents, Dr. Richard and Donna Ward, still live. Residents competence remember Devin as a eager drum vital of a Mifflinburg High School Marching Band from 1979 to 1982.

When a illness progresses to a indicate where Ward will need in-home care, he will live with his sister in Lewes, Delaware.

“Of course. No question,” pronounced Darica Ward when asked about it. “He will live with me and my wife, Jane Donohue.”

Research so distant has led to measures – vocalization machines, respirating machines, etc. – that urge comfort and peculiarity of life in ALS patients, though some-more investigate is indispensable to better a disease.

“So I’m anticipating to live prolonged adequate that some kind of diagnosis comes along,” Ward said. “I don’t wish to remove hope.”

For some-more information or to present to a ALS Walk, greatfully revisit Ward’s website during www.purplebeardeddragon.com. To see Ward’s team’s progress, revisit www.webgw.alsa.org/site/TR/Walks/GoldenWest.

Cindy O. Herman lives in Snyder County. Contact her during cindyoherman@gmail.com or on Twitter


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