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March 27, 2015

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Binghamton, NY (WBNG Binghamton) Ken Cook smiled from his wheelchair inside a ballroom during a DoubleTree hotel in Binghamton Thursday night. Like roughly 30,000 Americans, Cook has Lou Gehrig’s disease, improved famous as ALS.

“I call myself a bag of bones,” Cook said. “But, we know, we combine on a things we still can do.”

ALS, that stands for amyotrophic parallel sclerosisis, is a degenerative illness that causes a chairman to remove flesh function, eventually ensuing in death. The illness garnered inhabitant courtesy with a ice bucket plea debate via 2014.

“Basically, your physique only starts to close down while your mind is still entirely intact,” pronounced Cathy Roosa, who works with a Upstate New York ALS Association.

The organisation respected a donors during a cooking Thursday night. In a final 5 years, Binghamton’s Annual ALS travel has lifted some-more than $300,000 for investigate and financial assistance for patients in need.

Cook’s wife, Carolyn, helped launch a Binghamton “Walk to Defeat ALS”, that will applaud a sixth year on Jul 25. About 450 people took partial in a eventuality in 2014. The classification told Action News that it hopes that series will arise in 2015.

“It’s really humbling to know there are that many people out there who care,” Cook said.

Cook will spin 60 in May. He has lived with ALS for 10 years, distant leading a dual to 5 year life outlook for those who live with a disease. Cook pronounced he hopes to continue to kick a odds.

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