Man Battling ALS Tells Glenn Beck Why He’d Rather Live With a Devastating …

November 26, 2015 - als

John Paine, a theme of a recently expelled documentary “The Luckiest Man,” assimilated Glenn Beck Wednesday night to share his singular and, perhaps, counterintuitive life perspective.

Diagnosed 15 years ago with amyotrophic parallel sclerosis — ALS — Paine pronounced he wouldn’t trade a illness for his aged life since of a “treasure” it revealed.

The Luckiest Man John Paine shares his story on The Glenn Beck Program Wednesday, Nov. 25.

“The Luckiest Man” John Paine shares his story on “The Glenn Beck Program” Wednesday, Nov. 25.

Beck, hosting Paine and his family on The Glenn Beck Program, acted this question: “You pronounced that if we had to trade it all, we wouldn’t. Why?”

After watchful for his lungs to fill with oxygen — a pointer that stoppage that comes with a incorrigible illness is using a harmful march — Paine pronounced if he was given usually dual choices, he would keep what he has.

“If we were usually given dual choices, choice one is to be totally healed though lapse to my former attribute with God or, choice two, live with this unlucky illness though have my stream attribute with God,” Paine told Beck. “I’ve already done a choice. I’ll keep what we have.”

When he initial perceived a diagnosis, a doctors told Paine he competence have dual to 3 years left to live. But 15 years later, his story has been adapted for film and he says quietly that carrying ALS unprotected him to a “greatest value of life.”

“Truly, a biggest thing in life is an insinuate attribute with God — it’s a biggest value in life,” he said.

Gleefully, Paine told Beck he “appreciates” being asked about his “greatest treasure” most some-more than a disease.

“I adore to speak about that relationship, not so most a disease,” Paine told Beck.

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