Man completes year of sea dips for ALS foundation

September 1, 2015 - als

Monday was day series 365 and Island Heights automobile play Doug Maday dived into a H2O in Seaside Park completing his oath to drop in a Atlantic Ocean each day for a year.

“It’s bittersweet. It’s good to accomplish this and make it by a 365, yet it’s a small unhappy during a same time,” Maday said.

Maday has taken a drop each day by Illness, sour cold, and 3 Nor’easters, infrequently restraining himself to a post when a H2O was unequivocally rough.

We final held adult with him on New Year’s Eve when it was 16 degrees outward with a breeze chill. He’s never ragged a wetsuit though, he considers that cheating.

“I demeanour behind during that now it’s like roughly like somebody else did it. we don’t know how we did that,” Maday said.

His daily swims started out as a whim yet incited into a ultimate ice bucket challenge.

He’s managed to lift $6,000 for a substructure that helps families struggling with ALS or Lou Gehrig’s disease.

“I got by since we suspicion about people who are carrying problems with ALS and that pushed me on,” Maday said.

“It’s a conflict each day and Doug has in some approach kind of reflected that challenge. it’s only extraordinary what he’s done,” Sean McGovern of a Joan Dancy PALS Foundation said.

Maday says there were times when he felt like giving up. In February, for instance, his mom was in a sanatorium for medicine to make a pacemaker.

That night he didn’t make it into a H2O until roughly 10:00 p.m. And it was no picnic.

“The H2O was 29 and a atmosphere was 9 degrees; that was a genuine severe night,” Maday said.

“He’s got to be a small nuts, yet it’s for a good means and we are so unapproachable of him,” crony Connie Hawkins said.

“The humorous thing about it is he’s a man that wants to be in a background,” crony Dough Fairfield said.

It hasn’t always been easy, yet Doug Maday says his year of daily swims, infrequently underneath a misfortune conditions, has taught him if we put your mind to it we can do anything.

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