Man Gets Married After ALS Diagnosis On Apr Fools Day

August 10, 2015 - als

MAINE (CBS) — A Newburyport native may have been diagnosed with ALS on Apr Fools Day of all days, though that didn’t stop him from removing married over a weekend in Maine.

The couple, Jenny Serratore and Rob Daigle, got married on Saturday in Maine.

Jenny says her father was diagnosed with a terrible illness only a integrate months after relocating to Portsmouth, New Hampshire in January.

“If we don’t know what ALS is, it’s a genocide sentence,” she pronounced in a YouTube video.

“Your physique gradually paralyzes, while your mind stays 100 percent in tact until a really end.”

Watch: Newburyport Natives Get Married In Maine

There is no famous diagnosis or heal for ALS.

Despite that fact, Jenny says she still clings to hope.

“I ask that we all join us in lifting awareness,” she says, “And we ask that we join us in lifting income for a cure.”

In a video, Robert nominated a Newburyport Alumni Baseball Association, Newburyport ball team, that he coached final year, and also his hermit and dual sisters to take a ALS Ice Bucket Challenge.

Jenny nominated several friends and family members to take a challenge.

She also nominated celebrities such as actor Kevin Spacey, TV horde Ellen Degeneres, and nation musician Reba McEntire.

The newlyweds took a plea by carrying kin flow cold H2O over their heads.

They afterwards jumped into a pool to top it off.

The integrate will be relocating to Salisbury, Massachusetts in a subsequent few weeks, so they will have improved permitted housing for Rob, Jenny says.

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