Man with ALS initial to accept new Bragg-Pluto H2O system

December 11, 2016 - als

  • ADVANCE FOR MONDAY DEC. 12 AND THEREAFTER - In this Thursday Dec. 1, 2016 photo, Seth Richmond packs adult a 55 gallon tank he used to transport H2O for his parents, John and Rececca Richmond during their chateau in Beckley, W.Va. A county H2O hookup authorised him to mislay a tank. (Rick Barbero/The Register-Herald around AP) Photo: Rick Barbero, AP / The Register-Herald



BECKLEY, W.Va. (AP) — Back in 1978, when John Richmond changed to Pluto Road in Raleigh County, he dug a good and ran lines to lift H2O to his home.

The good supposing H2O for Richmond for years, afterwards for his wife, Rebecca, and their son, Seth.

Several years ago, a good became infested with E. Coli, so a family had to puncture another good for their drinking, cooking, and showering needs.

“We were always carefree that we would get county water, though as prolonged as a wells were sufficient, we were OK,” Rebecca said.

John was diagnosed roughly 3 years ago with amyotrophic parallel sclerosis (ALS), also famous as Lou Gehrig’s disease, a shaken complement illness that weakens muscles and impacts earthy function.

As his mother would assistance him bathe, a good H2O would oftentimes run out in a center of his shower. The good became so dangerous that a family had to transport a 55-gallon cylinder a half mile down a highway to Rebecca’s brother’s house, to collect H2O from his well.

Because of John’s condition, their son Seth was left with a charge of replenishing a well, that had to be finished each few days. The H2O was usually used for showering and cooking. For laundry, Rebecca would expostulate 20 mins to a laundromat in Beckley, a time immoderate and costly process.

She also never favourite regulating good H2O to rinse her hair, so for years, she’s been collecting rainwater in a tub, afterwards stuffing gallon mammillae to send inside for her hair washing.

But on Dec. 1, only before noon, a family was a initial of 188 homes to accept H2O by a new Bragg-Pluto H2O system.

“It’s about time,” John said. He was calm with his good water, he said, though it did turn formidable for their family as a wells went bad.

The project, that cost only some-more than $6 million, has been in a works for a past 5 years.

Raleigh County Commission President David Tolliver said, “I know how it is but water, since when we was flourishing up, a cave came into a village and emptied a well.”

Shane Bragg, margin superintendent with a Raleigh County Public Service District, pronounced starting Monday morning, he will have crews operative 5 days a week until all 188 homes are connected to their meters and their H2O lines incited on.

“Water is a source of all things,” Rebecca said. “I conclude them removing it through.”

Tolliver thanked a other commissioners for their support, as good as a Raleigh County PSD and the house of directors, Jack Keel, Paul Flanagan and Steve Zilinski.

Tolliver pronounced one of his categorical priorities over his subsequent 6 years as commissioner has been to yield H2O to county residents.


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