Man with ALS given a present of mobility, interjection to association in New Berlin: “I feel unequivocally blessed”

December 21, 2016 - als

NEW BERLIN — A male diagnosed with ALS is removing a assisting palm this Christmas. He’s been given a present of mobility, interjection to a association in New Berlin.

He now moves with palliate via his home, so you’d never know Frank McRae is traffic with a life-altering disease.

Frank McRae

Frank McRae

“I was diagnosed with ALS only a year ago. A week before Christmas final year,” McRae said.

McRae uses a hiker to stay active.

“They highlight mostly peculiarity of life — such as being means to be mobile with a walker,” McRae said.

But McRae’s soaring tallness creates regulating an typical hiker uncomfortable.

“Even during their full extension, we still have to hook over utterly a bit,” McRae said.

Motivo Tour

Motivo Tour

McRae has been given a new device, called a Motivo Tour.

“I’m looking brazen to this new device,” McRae said.

“We’re overjoyed to be means to assistance ascent Frank’s ride,” Jeremy Knowpow said.

Jeremy Knowpow

Jeremy Knowpow

The Motivo Tour’s creators, Jeremy Knowpow and Jennifer Harris worked with a ALS Association Wisconsin section to give McRae this gift.

“I only feel unequivocally sanctified that people would consider of me,” McRae said.

Knowpow and Harris pronounced they designed a new hiker after practice with their possess desired ones.

Jennifer Harris

Jennifer Harris

“My father upheld divided from ALS and it always had a place tighten to my heart,” Knowpow said.

“Moving from your kitchen to a vital room with a image of food and a potion of H2O was something my mom was challenged with. we saw a genuine need in that space for improvement,” Harris said.

“The Tour is a finish reinvention of a walker,” Knowpow said.

Knowpow and Harris pronounced a large disproportion with a Motivo Tour is users step directly into it. That means they can mount upright.

Motivo Tour

Motivo Tour

“This is like, one of a best things in a universe since my tallness and reach, it’s only easier. we can get to a cupboard easier. I’m looking brazen to personification with this. It’s special to me that I’m means to be a target of such a fanciful machine,” McRae said.

The Motivo Tour is done in New Berlin and costs about $750.

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