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June 21, 2015 - als

HASTINGS — When a alloy told Juan Jimenez in Apr that a reason his muscles felt like preserve and he kept descending was since he has ALS, he asked what he could do.

Get some-more exercise? Eat some-more fruits and vegetables?

No, a alloy said. It won’t matter. Do what we want, though do it quick. You have dual to 5 years to live.

With a engine neurons that control his muscles fast deteriorating, he went from being a strong 51-year-old construction workman to wanting a hiker to take a few shuffling stairs in a matter of months.

Amyotrophic parallel sclerosis, or Lou Gehrig’s illness as it is also known, is a on-going neurodegenerative illness and is always fatal. Generally, people with ALS eventually remove a ability to swallow and breathe.

All Jimenez wants to be home with his wife, Patricia, and their 4 children, he pronounced during an talk Friday during a Hastings home of Yeny Botello, who interpreted his words.

But his mother and kids are in Tepic, a city in west-central Mexico nearby a Pacific Coast. In 2006, she was one of 1,300 immigrants dull adult during U.S. Immigration raids in 6 states. The family lived in Grand Island during a time, and they both worked during a Swift plant. Juan Jimenez worked a after change and was not held adult in a raid.

His mother spent 3 days in an Iowa apprehension trickery until a Consulate of Mexico in Omaha intervened and got her paperwork that authorised her stay and work in Nebraska.

That lapsed about 5 years ago, and she returned to Mexico rather than risk being arrested and deported. Her husband, who also lacks authorised immigration status, designed to stay and work for a year to acquire income and afterwards join them in Tepic.

But 17-year-old son Juan started carrying seizures and his twin sister, Karla, got strike by a car, and their father stayed in Nebraska longer so he could compensate off their sanatorium bills.

Medical and vital expenses, both his possess and those of his family, have emptied his savings. Now, the illness has attacked him of his ability to work and left him incompetent to compensate his approach behind to Mexico.

Friends have been assisting with daily needs and removing him to alloy appointments, though he has no family here.

That bothers Botello, who works as an interpreter at Mary Lanning Healthcare. Family is critical to her. The initial time she translated for Jimenez and his doctor, she said, she went home and cried.

“When someone is diagnosed with this condition, we eventually are not going to be means to breathe, we are not going to be means to eat, we are not going to be means to walk, we are not going to be means to reason anything. And flattering most we are contingent on someone.

“When we came opposite his case, my doubt was, who is going to be that someone? He is by himself. There is no family.

“There was something inside of me revelation me we have to do something.”

Botello went to a Spanish-speaking women in her community, and they began lifting money. They got some-more than $400 from a new garage sale and are hosting a advantage auction Saturday, anticipating to lift $3,000 to get Jimenez home.

The ALS Association is looking to help.

Coming to America

Jimenez was 30 when he met his wife. He sole electrical tools in Mexico, and she was his secretary.

Her relatives didn’t approve. She was only 18.

They married anyway, had a twins, and he eventually won over his in-laws. They saw he treated their daughter good and would do anything for his family. He jokes that they adore him improved than her now.

Juan and Patricia Jimenez had any other and a tiny apartment. But they dreamed of a improved life and opportunities for their children distant divided from a assault that has tormented their country.

In 1998, they got traveller visas. They flew to Tijuana, gathering to San Diego afterwards rode a train 36 hours to Lexington, Nebraska, where they have family who are U.S. citizens. They returned to Mexico quickly 10 months after to collect adult their children, who were staying with grandparents.

He worked construction, in beef make-up plants, did simple electrical work and commissioned irrigation pivots. They had dual some-more children, Haley, now 11, and Kate, 5. Both were innate in Nebraska though now live in Mexico with their mom.

Juan Jimenez misses them. He would give anything to be means to play soccer with them, watch TV — substantially an FC Barcelona compare — and eat popcorn.

He wishes he would have left home with them 5 years ago. Children need their father, he said, and he misses a hugs and kisses he used to come home to after work.

A red flag

Juan Jimenez initial felt something was wrong in Sep when he mislaid his change walking on a treadmill during a gym. Fifteen days later, his knees started to feel rootless and went out on him.

He went to a doctor. He went to earthy therapy and had blood work done. He got worse. He had a integrate of falls. His limbs didn’t work right and he couldn’t work. He was referred to a specialist.

The diagnosis was tough to accept during first; though he found strength in a Bible and in Jesus.

He wants to go home, though he worries about being a weight on his family and fears removing medical diagnosis in Mexico will be difficult. His mother creates income offered food like shrimp tacos and lobster soup during a school. He has no retirement assets and no grant to tumble behind on.

His mother and children contend come home. They’ll get by this together, he said.

The Mexican Consulate is assisting get his pass in order. Travel skeleton are being made, and he hopes to be with his family as early as subsequent week though knows it could take longer.

In a meantime, he dreams of sitting, examination sea waves pile-up opposite a seaside and holding his mother and children.

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