Man with ALS creation ‘one final trip’ to Super Bowl

January 30, 2016 - als

When we walked into his vital room to accommodate Kevin Clay, his grin bending me like a fish hook.

The certain suggestion that beams from Clay competence come as a warn when we find out heuses a wheelchair and incompetent to talk.

In Jun of 2014, Kevin was diagnosed with ALS and has given solemnly mislaid a use of opposite tools of his body.

ALS is deliberate a depot disease, though we won’t see grief or unhappiness on Clay’s face. Instead, we see a grin that stretches roughly around his head.

Clay is Super Bowl-bound along with a Carolina Panthers.

“In a difference of Peyton Manning, this is my final rodeo,” Clay typed out a matter on his phone since he can’t use his voice, though he follows it adult with a giggle and that same spreading smile.

Clay has owned a PSL for a final 20 years, and considers himself a super fan of a Panthers. In fact, his 1-year-old son “Cam” is named after a one and usually — Carolina quarterback Cam Newton.

The Joe Martin ALS Foundation has done all a transport arrangements to send Clay and his mother Melinda to a large diversion in Santa Clara.

“This deteriorate is enchanting and a Panthers will make history,” he wrote in a post on his Facebook page, “Go Panthers, never in doubt. If we believe, we can achieve.”

Clay’s certain opinion in a face of a degenerative illness isn’t new, and it doesn’t warn anyone who knows him well. His father also had ALS and was sour about a illness, Clay said.

He’s selected to live his life to a fullest. That bit of “living” includes saying a Panthers take home a Lombardi Trophy subsequent Sunday.

I asked Clay how he’d feel if we do in fact move home a win. “Unbelievable and magical,” he typed, again, with a grin as splendid as a lights during a large game.

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