Minnesota Man With ALS Hopes Stem Cells Save His Life

June 27, 2015 - als

MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) – A Minnesota male vital with Lou Gehrig’s Disease is anticipating a singular diagnosis can assistance him challenge a odds.

Fifty-one-year-old Steve Stefano was diagnosed with ALS in 2011.

The one-time prolonged stretch curtain from Hugo is now in a wheelchair and needs a ventilator to breathe.

“I would run six miles a day before we got sick,” Stefano said.

As a observant goes, Stefano was vital a dream. The former high propagandize quarterback married his high propagandize sweetheart. They had a son together, and life was good. That was until 2011, when pain in his shoulders eventually led to a life-changing diagnosis. Steve had ALS.

“Denial,” Stefano said. “I didn’t wish to trust it. It was a tough day.”

Steve now spends his days in his vital room, and he needs around-the-clock care.

Instead of going out for a run, a roof lane helps him get from his recliner to a bathroom. And a ventilator keeps him breathing.

But notwithstanding losing control of his life, Stefano still has hope.

Last month, Stefano done a grueling, cross-country outing to see a alloy during a Peace Wellness Center in Phoenix, Arizona. She achieved a comparatively new procession on Stefano. She took branch cells from his fat hankie and injected them into his shoulders, legs and other problem areas.

“They go into unsettled cells, unsettled tissue, and they turn that,” pronounced one of Stefano’s nurses, Lori Hockenberger. “Maybe it will assistance with Steve’s neurons, joints, junction tissues.”

About 53 percent of ALS patients see alleviation after nine months, and a procession is famous to extend lives.

The reason Stefano could even get to Phoenix was since of tighten friends and finish strangers.

“One of a classmates adult there donated $500,” pronounced Stefano’s father, Leonard. “I damn nearby cried since we know this guy — he does not have a money.”

A few weeks ago, some of Stefano’s North St. Paul classmates put on a advantage to assistance him lift income for a procedure. They suspicion they could lift about $10,000. They were wrong; they finished adult lifting about $35,000 to assistance get Stefano to Phoenix and to get him a procession he needed.

“When we left there, we sat in my automobile and started to cry,” pronounced Stefano’s sister Shaun Collier. “That speaks volumes. There are people we didn’t know that sent money.”

The gesticulate has left a prolonged way, as medical losses have piled up. Stefano and his family also support a “Right to Try” check that recently upheld in Minnesota. It will concede terminally ill patients to try drugs that have not nonetheless been authorized by a FDA. For Stefano, each opportunity, however small, can hopefully lead to something big.

“Keep on fighting,” Stefano said. “Never give up. There is always wish out there.”

Stefano wanted to appreciate all his friends and family members that have helped him along a way.

And he pronounced a list is a prolonged one.

If you’d like to assistance Steve with his medical expenses, go to Stefano’s website.


source ⦿ http://minnesota.cbslocal.com/2015/06/26/minnesota-man-with-als-hopes-stem-cells-save-his-life/

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