Mom Who Documented Her Battle With ALS on Facebook Passes Away

September 23, 2016 - als

Amanda Bernier and her husband

Credit: Courtesy of Amanda Bernier/Facebook

In Mar 2014, only dual weeks after Amanda Bernier schooled she was profound with her initial child, a afterwards 29-year-old perceived a harmful diagnosis: ALS, also famous as Lou Gehrig’s disease. “I went from using races, operative in a lab and firefighting to not being means to pierce anything though my conduct and on a ventilator in 5 months,” Bernier wrote in an romantic Facebook post. Though doctors warned Bernier that she competence not live prolonged adequate to broach her daughter, a dynamic proffer firefighter welcomed healthy, full-term baby named Arabella Grace on Nov 4, 2014.  

And Bernier continued to challenge a odds. The Madison, Connecticut-based mom, who was given a 12-to-18-month life expectancy, survived for dual and half years. On Wednesday, Sep 21, Chris Bernier took to a Amanda’s Angels Facebook page to share that his mother had upheld divided during a age of 31. “She is now giveaway from this terrible disease,” he wrote. “Amanda fought until a really finish and desirous so many. Her spreading grin radiates by a pleasing daughter.”

Amanda finished headlines in Sep 2015 when she penned a viral post about overcoming extensive obstacles to breast-feed Arabella. Because of her inability to move, nurses and kin hold a baby to her breasts. “I check holding my pain meds so that we don’t have to siphon and dump,” Amanda wrote. “I can’t take caring of my daughter, though we can give her a present of breast milk. we will continue on until my physique no longer produces.”

Knowing that she wouldn’t be here to watch Arabella grow up, Amanda wrote cards and letters for her small lady to open on destiny birthdays and Christmases. “In one of my letters, we wrote to appreciate her for all that she has finished for me — a fun she has brought to my life, and a approach she has given me strength to arise adult any day,” Amanda told Today in Sep 2015. “In other letters, we try to give her a certainty to pursue her dreams, inspire her to be kind and loving, and let her know there is always a certain side to any situation.”

“I rip adult each time we consider about how most we adore her,” Amanda said. “I am so sanctified to have a event to be a mom.”

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