Moral Majority Leader, Founding Liberty Dean Dies From ALS

January 1, 2016 - als

Ed Dobson was a first vanguard during Liberty University.
Ed Dobson was a first vanguard during Liberty University. (Courtesy/Liberty University )

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Ed Dobson, a distinguished priest and former Liberty University staff member, died on Saturday, Dec. 26, after a some-more than 15-year conflict with amyotrophic parallel sclerosis (ALS), also famous as Lou Gehrig’s disease.

Dobson served during Liberty for 15 years and is one of Liberty’s many renouned first deans, according to President Jerry Falwell. He came in as vanguard of students in 1972 and served until 1987, in several roles, including editor of a Fundamentalist Journal and clamp boss for tyro life. Dobson also worked as an assistance to Liberty Founder Dr. Jerry Falwell and led a Moral Majority. Before being diagnosed with a depot disease, Dobson served as comparison priest of Calvary Chapel in Grand Rapids, Michigan, for 18 years. He spoke during Liberty’s Convocation several times, most recently in 2010.

“I had a payoff of communicating with Ed progressing this year,” President Jerry Falwell Jr. said. “He used a special device to harmonise a summary to all of a graduates that we shared with over 32,000 attendees during Liberty’s 2015 Commencement ceremony. Ed supposing rural and educational care to thousands of Liberty students decades ago, creation his interruption knowledge to a Class of 2015 so suggestive and appreciated.

“Ed Dobson brought a lot of life to a campus. He was one of a pioneers, one of a leaders who helped make Liberty what it is today.”

Falwell, along with his wife, Becki, took a Ice Bucket Challenge in support of a ALS Association in 2014 in respect of Dobson and others in a Liberty family who have battled a disease, severe students to support a organisation as well.

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