My ALS by a Numbers

May 24, 2016 - als

20 – It takes approximately 20 mins for me to get out of bed each morning. we know what you’re thinking, “Me too, after we strike snooze a integrate of times.” But it literally takes 20 mins from a time my caregiver walks into a room to a indicate where we am vertical, in my wheelchair. After not relocating a singular flesh for 9 hours it takes some stretching to get a blood flowing. Then it’s time to take off my AVAP (a machine, identical to a CPAP) mask, that we have to wear when we nap to assistance me breathe. Once that facade is off, my eyes and face get a comfortable rinse cloth clean to get absolved of all a night crusties. Sexy, we know! Then, finally, a dip and a pivot, and a hoist, and a noise into a chair, and we am up.

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