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March 13, 2018 - als

Dagmar Living Well

I recently volunteered to attend in a Precision Medicine Program (PMP) of a ALS Therapy Development Institute (ALS TDI). we chose them since all of their supports go toward research, we like doing my partial to assistance support a ALS community, and it allows me to attend though withdrawal home. This sold proviso of a PMP was information collection, that meant we spent a softened partial of final week living by a numbers!

After my ALS diagnosis in 2010, I immediately searched a internet to learn a intensity of investigate in anticipating a heal for a disease. When we detected that investigate had not progressed many over initial studies involving whiteflies, cells in dishes, and mice on treadmills, it was a outrageous disappointment, to contend a least.

Fast forward, and we’re now reading about clinical trials with tangible patients, and interjection to advances in technology, information collection has softened as well.

New ways to collect data

The Precision Medicine Program asked me to finish online medical and lifestyle story surveys and an online ALS Functional Rating Scale-Revised (ALSFRS-R). To consider my voice, a PMP lab mechanism called my phone. After answering, we had to contend a phrase, “I owe we a yo-yo today,” 5 times, afterwards hang up. For a brief moment, we felt like an actor in a James Bond film vocalization a tip formula of a day.

The final proviso of PMP information collection concerned 6 days of wearing ActiGraphs (motion detectors) on my wrists and ankles. They were splendid red, about 3″ x 2″, and strapped on with far-reaching strips of Velcro.

As fitness would have it, day one of wearing a detectors coincided with my unchanging revisit to my ALS clinic. Needless to say, a inclination on my wrists and ankles drew a lot of interest. The many common doubt was, Are we underneath residence arrest?” My answer with a smirk: “No, we had a DUI.” So while a staff put me by several tests and collected data, we had a event to teach them about a ALS TDI and a PMP.

A record piece accompanied a ActiGraphs because even yet a inclination available my motions, a staff during PMP wanted me to note a times we was sportive or doing something unusual. In my case, a researcher competence be looking during a graph of my readouts that contained high-low points and surprising squiggles. This competence lead him to consternation if we took an hapless decrease down a moody of stairs. A discerning check of my record piece would exhibit that we was merely bouncing on my rebounder!

Lessons learned

Velcro sticks to hairy fabrics, sweaters, and usually about everything! Log sheets constantly finish adult on a conflicting side of a residence from where we am exercising. Typing on a laptop is not easy with vast cosmetic pillboxes and Velcro bands on my wrists. Fingers complicated on a keys, we strike “k” and finish adult with kkkkkkk!

But a continue will be warmer when we have to repeat a routine — sweaters will be folded away. I’ll make several copies of a record piece and accumulate them around a house. And I’ll try to write my mainstay before the ActiGraphs uncover up.

Seriously, we schooled that stability to attend in a ALS village and contributing to investigate not usually feels good though also is a good thing to do. I’ve pronounced it before and will contend it again: Don’t bonus yourself as carrying zero to contribute. We have stories to tell and information to share.

Together, we will keep wish alive. Together, we will pierce closer to a cure.


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