Nursing home fights to get ALS studious to Super Bowl to see Broncos

February 1, 2016 - als

DENVER — George Gallegos is ostensible to be holding caring of a residents during Brookside Inn Nursing home in Castle Rock, not a other approach around.

“Here, they call me Dr. George,” Gallegos says with a smile.

But for a past several weeks that is accurately what has happened after “Dr. George” was diagnosed with a depot illness — ALS.

“I consider it was a 18th of Nov when we was diagnosed with ALS,” Dr. George said. “Life is calculable though we are all now patients together,” he added.

Brookside Inn is a place where when we travel in dual things turn evident, residents adore a Broncos and they adore Dr. George.

“He’s been an impulse to me given we come here,” a studious named Donna said.

“I arise adult in a morning feeling miserable… we travel over to him, start articulate to him, and a feeling disappears,” Maurice says about a psychologist.

That’s because a residents – along with Dr. George’s business partner Maureen – are anticipating to send him to a Broncos large diversion on Sunday. They have already lifted thousands and airline tickets have been donated.

“Who would have thought,” Dr George says about a group’s effort.

The alloy says he is beholden for everybody who is participating — and beholden for a Broncos championship journey. After all he says — isn’t it all about a journey?

“It is indeed all about a ride, is it not? Every day, how can we suffer a ride?”


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Our dear Dr. George has spent his life giving to others as a dedicated clergyman for children and for a elderly. His merciful caring of nursing home residents will move a tighten to his good career in mental health. There is no time like a benefaction to give behind to a male who has supposing so most to those who competence differently be forgotten.

Tragically, Dr. George was diagnosed with ALS in Nov and was given no possibility for survival. The illness is already holding a daily fee on what used to be a clever and healthy body. He is bravely confronting a conflict ahead. But first…please join us in fulfilling his dream to conflict alongside a Denver Broncos to a Super Bowl victory! 

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