Oakland tutor Tom Ford stairs divided after ALS diagnosis

May 14, 2017 - als

ROCHESTER Oakland University Associate Athletic Trainer Tom Ford announced on Saturday that he is stepping divided from his duties due to being diagnosed with Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis (ALS), ordinarily famous as Lou Gehrig’s Disease.

Ford has spent 30 years during Oakland providing superb diagnosis to thousands of student-athletes during his tenure.

“This illness came to me and my family as a finish surprise,” pronounced Ford in a press release. “The entertainment dialect identifies any area with a person’s fathead and favorite film quote. My quote is from a film Forrest Gump and it is ‘My Mama always said, life is like a box of chocolates. You never know what you’re gonna get.’ How mocking is my film quote now.

“I’m now on ALS information overload. I’m perplexing to learn like everybody else about this disease. we knew about Lou Gehrig and a Ice Bucket Challenge that a Athletic Training staff took partial in a few years ago. But other than that, I’m learning. Unfortunately this illness can't be treated with ice, reconstruction and tape.”

Ford came to Oakland in 1988 and immediately began operative with a men’s and women’s basketball teams, along with a day-to-day duties of a jaunty training bureau as a university’s usually jaunty trainer. In Jun 2012, Ford was famous as a Michigan Athletic Trainer’s Society’s (MATS) Distinguished Athletic Trainer Award honoree for his greatest use to a field. He has worked with men’s basketball ever given his arrival, finishing his 30th deteriorate on a dais for a Golden Grizzlies. This year he also essentially worked with women’s soccer, as good as a men’s and women’s golf teams.

“Tom has been with me for 30 years, he is partial of a fabric of not usually a basketball program, though a jaunty department,” pronounced men’s basketball conduct manager Greg Kampe. “Wherever we go, jaunty alums are always seeking how T Ford is doing. He is a fable among a student-athletes, and is someone who they believed in, confided in and used as one of their biggest mentors as they progressed by their jaunty careers.

“Tom spent his life gripping a athletes healthy, and now it’s on us to assistance him as he goes by this health issue. As a coach, co-worker and friend, we am gladdened to him for his use and will always be there for him. He will always be a partial of a program.”

A Rochester Hills resident, Ford was recently inducted into a Ball State University Cardinal Sports Medicine Society Ring of Honor in 2016. He worked during a United States Olympic Sports Festival and Olympic Training Center with men’s hockey, and with a speedskaters during a Winter World University Games in Bulgaria.

Ford perceived a bachelor’s grade from Ball State in 1981 and went on to acquire a master’s grade in health/athletic training and sports medicine from a University of Arizona in 1982. After he graduated from Arizona, he worked as an partner jaunty tutor for a Dallas Cowboys (1982) and spent 6 years as conduct jaunty tutor during Cypress Creek High School in Houston, Texas before entrance to Oakland University.

“Lou Gehrig once pronounced in a debate that he deliberate himself a luckiest male on a face of a earth,” pronounced Ford. “Well I’m here to tell we that we feel equally lucky. we could never have finished this but a support of my family and for that I’m really grateful. The university, a entertainment dialect and a extensive student-athletes that we have had a pleasure operative with have done it fun to come to work each day. That will be a thing we skip a most, a relations that have been built over time.”

In respect of Ford’s service, a Golden Grizzlies will change a Black and Gold Spirit Award to a Tom Ford Black and Gold Spirit Award and benefaction it during a Black and Gold Awards inside a Fox Theatre in downtown Detroit. More approval opportunities are being designed for Ford within Athletics.

“Tom Ford is an establishment during this university,” pronounced Director of Athletics Jeff Konya. “He is always acquire within these walls and we owe him and his family a debt of gratitude.”

Ford would like to spend time as a proffer with a ALS Foundation. He will continue to live in Rochester Hills with his mother Kathy. They have 3 children, Tom, Travis and Keriann and one granddaughter Elleanna.

The Golden Grizzlies will horde Tom Ford Day on Dec. 9 when Oakland takes on Chicago State in men’s basketball. All former student-athletes are speedy to attend to applaud Ford’s extensive accomplishments.

“I’m not going anywhere and we devise on battling this formidable illness with each plea it gives me,” pronounced Ford.

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