OJ Brigance on vital with ALS: ‘my eyes are everything’

June 21, 2018 - als

I have ALS, also famous as amyotrophic parallel sclerosis or Lou Gehrig’s disease. Named for a famous ball player, it’s a neuro-degenerative disorder. But I’m not here to plead a systematic sum behind ALS. I’m here to pronounce about critical in annoy of ALS, and to give we an inside glance during what life is like though a ability to move, to speak, to eat or to breathe independently.

When we arise up, a initial thing we see is a paid caregiver — or my pleasing wife, Chanda. There is no some-more waking adult alone. Typically, Chanda or my caregiver asks me questions, and we prove what is indispensable with blinks. One blink is “No,” dual blinks, “Yes.” It’s a delayed process, removing adult any morning though a voice and though a ability to move.

My eyes are everything. They are my livelihood; they are communication with desired ones; they are safety; they are independence.

I use an eye-gaze communication mechanism device to promulgate with co-workers, my caregiver and my boss. The device lets me hunt a internet, send emails and texts, and make phone calls. It allows me to ask for assistance if we need it. It helps me motivate a players of a Baltimore Ravens where we offer as Senior Adviser to Player Engagement. we have a livelihood; what a blessing.