Oklahoma football: Former Sooner good battling ALS

October 3, 2015 - als

Still, when manager Barry Switzer collected his freshmen divided from a rest of that 1984 team, he pulled this spare child to a front.

“Don’t let his stretch dope you,” Switzer told a organisation that enclosed Troy Aikman, Keith Jackson and Lydell Carr.

“He will substantially finish adult being improved than any one of you.”

Size didn’t matter for this player, who went on to turn a first-team All-American, a Jim Thorpe Award leader and a fifth altogether collect in a 1988 NFL Draft.

Today, Rickey Dixon weighs around 130 pounds, can usually travel a brief stretch on his possess and has difficulty talking. Two years ago, he was strictly diagnosed with amyotrophic parallel sclerosis (ALS), a illness that kills engine neurons in a mind and spinal cord, causing on-going flesh deterioration. There is no famous cure.

Doctors have told Dixon’s family that it’s expected his ALS stems from a mixed concussions he postulated via his football personification career.

But Dixon wants everybody in Sooner Nation to know something: He’s going to be only fine.

“It is really critical to me to let people know that we am doing good and that my faith is strong,” Dixon wrote in an email to The Oklahoman, selecting to be interviewed that approach to rest his outspoken cords.

“I mount on Romans 10:9 and Proverbs 18:21. Please let Sooner Nation know this.”

Dixon will mount on Owen Field and be respected with other members of a 1985 inhabitant championship organisation during a halftime rite during Saturday’s Oklahoma-West Virginia game.

An inconceivable diagnosis

After Dixon’s standout career during Oklahoma, he played 6 seasons in a NFL with a Cincinnati Bengals and a Los Angeles Raiders, even personification in a Bengals’ Super Bowl XXIII detriment to a San Francisco 49ers as a rookie.

He married, had 4 children and became a high propagandize football manager and motivational orator in Dallas, though around 4 years ago, Dixon began losing weight and found himself in occasional pain. At first, he and his wife, Lorraine, believed it was arthritis-related.

But when a weight detriment continued and he began carrying difficulty speaking, they went to a alloy and, in Jul 2013, perceived a terrifying diagnosis: Dixon had ALS, a harmful illness also famous as “Lou Gehrig’s disease,” after a mythological New York Yankees initial baseman who died of ALS in 1941 during age 37.

Other former NFL players such as Steve Gleason, Tim Shaw, Kevin Turner and O.J. Brigance have also been diagnosed with ALS in a final 10 years.

“When he was personification football, a regard was always with his spine, paralysis, that kind of thing,” Lorraine Dixon said. “I never illusory that football could lead to this.”

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