Omaha mother’s dauntless conflict with ALS

July 10, 2017 - als

OMAHA, Neb. (WOWT) — The moments a mom lives for: strolling with her small child nearby a beach and digging with father in a sand. But behind this bliss comes heartbreak.

“It will substantially be my final vacation,” pronounced Melissa McMahon. “The hardest partial is observant my son and meaningful that I’m not going to be with him anymore and observant ‘goodbye.’ That’s a hardest part.”

It was only dual weeks after Melissa McMahon gave birth to her son, Miles, when she knew something was wrong.

“I was carrying difficulty doing certain things like branch a pivotal in a car. Certain things,” she said.

Her health started deteriorating quick that led to harmful news: ALS or Lou Gehrig’s disease. Her father died of it when Melissa was only 10.

“I saw my father go by this and saw that my father died on his 37th birthday and I’m 36…it’s unequivocally crazy to know that I’m in a identical conditions as him.”

It was a harmful blow to a new mom who desired examination her son strike each milestone.

“In a commencement we could rather take caring of my son. we could still lift him, change diapers, though it was removing harder and harder,” Melissa explained.

She indispensable assistance though she never had to ask for it. More than 50 volunteers would not let her quarrel this alone.

Before she got sick, Melissa was a helper and took caring of Lisa Hobza’s special needs daughter. When Lisa listened about Melissa’s diagnosis she knew she had to help.

“I packaged adult my cleaning reserve and told her we was entrance over to purify her house,” Lisa said.

Once there, Lisa saw Melissa indispensable some-more assistance than she could offer so she put out a call for assistance on a website, Lots of Helping Hands.

“I consider over 50 people sealed up. There were a lot of nursing friends, family, friends,” Melissa said.

It enclosed Lisa’s sister, Sara Pospisal who is a nurse. She comes during slightest once a week to assistance Melissa stretch.

“Sometimes we leave here and consider we couldn’t do it if we was her. It’s extraordinary what she can do. It’s done me a improved person,” pronounced Sara.

The volunteers were brought together by Lisa who admits it’s tough examination her crony go by this. She said, “We gathering past a facile propagandize Miles will go to and how she pronounced she will substantially never get to see that.”

Melissa’s ALS is surpassing during a extreme pace.

“Where my numbers are during with my lung function, they are observant approximately 6 some-more months to live,” she said.

In a meantime, a cooler sits on her front porch where volunteers dump off dishes and Miles is surrounded by friends, family, and nurses who make certain he doesn’t skip out.

“When they got married and they had Miles, they never dreamed this is how it would end,” Lisa said.

It’s been tough on everybody though a one thing that gets them by it is a mom and mom whose clever suggestion and fun will live on by her son.

Despite her pain, Melissa pronounced all of a volunteers make her wish she would have helped even some-more people in her 20’s.

Lisa says they will take window washers or anyone who can assistance around a house. They’ve also set adult a GoFundMe comment for Melissa’s family.

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