Opelousas lady with ALS receives Christmas cards from opposite U.S.

December 12, 2016 - als


An Opelousas lady is receiving Christmas cards from opposite a United States — some from people she does not even know.

“Arizona, Minnesota, Tennessee, New York, California,” Theresa Vasseur review a lapse addresses from a Christmas cards her mother, Leola, has received.

Leola, who was described by her daughter as her rock, was diagnosed with ALS in Jan of this year.

“She was so active,” Theresa said. “She could run circles around us. This time final year she was picking pecans to make holiday pies and cakes.” 

Theresa pronounced her mom is removing to a indicate where she can hardly travel and needs assistance holding baths and doing elementary things.

Since her mom was diagnosed, Theresa connected with a lady vital in Orlando on Facebook who mislaid her father to ALS progressing this year. 

“The finish of a year was so joyless for him, since he couldn’t leave a residence during that point,” Kimberly Shuck pronounced about her father. “His physique was usually unwell him.”

Shuck pronounced her father contemplated holding his possess life final year, since he did not wish to continue being a restrained of his possess body. In an bid to lighten his spirits, Shuck asked people opposite a nation to send her father a elementary Christmas card. 

“It done him smile,” Shuck said. “Every time a mail came, he would light adult and even yet he didn’t know where a cards were entrance from it was usually a coolest feeling for him. He felt so popular.”

Shuck’s father battled a illness for usually 4 months before flitting divided in February. 

She wanted to continue a tradition that brought her father so most joy, so she chose dual other people pang from ALS to be a recipients of a holiday label drive. One of a recipients is in California and a other, Leola, is in Opelousas.  

“They are promulgation pleasing records in them,” Theresa said. “People are praying for her. It’s usually uplifting. It’s giving her something to demeanour brazen to each day that people are indeed meditative and praying for her.”

Leola has perceived some-more than 20 cards so distant that are unresolved in her vital room. She pronounced she looks brazen to a mail entrance each day. 

Theresa pronounced she is so grateful she stumbled on this foreigner in Orlando.

“I’m usually grateful she suspicion of this to give my mom something to grin about and demeanour brazen to each day,” Theresa said. “One day when — God dissuade she does go home to accommodate God — that we will have these memories  to delight and it’s all since of her.”

If we would like to send a label to Leola Vasseur, her residence is 1644 Prairie Ronde Highway Opelousas, La. 70570.

If we would like to send a label to Jackie Allison, a target in California, her residence is 43644 Ange Lane Hemet, CA 92544. 

source ⦿ http://www.katc.com/story/34027163/opelousas-woman-with-als-finds-solace-in-daily-christmas-cards

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