Parma Heights firefighters run Marathon to lift income for ALS research

May 18, 2015 - als

A Parma Heights firefighter and some co-workers chose to make this weekend’s Cleveland Marathon even some-more grueling, all for a adore of a father fighting an even worse battle.

Dave Kaszar wanted to run a Cleveland Marathon for his father, Phil, who was diagnosed with ALS dual and a half years ago. To lift income for ALS research, he and dual other firefighters ran Sunday’s marathon in full firefighter gear.
19 Action News Reporter Dan DeRoos held adult with Kaszar on Monday during a Parma Heights firehouse
“So you’re walking a small slow,” DeRoos beheld as Kaszar hobbled along.
“A small slow, feeling good though,” replied Kaszar.
It’s distinct since he has blisters on his feet, rashes and swelling all over. 

“We were anticipating that it was going to get legs, it’s a whole reason we did it. If we wanted to usually lift income or do a ice bucket challenges, that’s flattering simple. Doing something like this, that was such a plea for us,” explained Kaszar.

Kaszar and a dual other firefighters were means to run or lope a initial 17 miles. He was even means to constraint a video and post it to Facebook mid-run.
“Halfway there. See we during a finish line,” a sleepy Kaszar pronounced in a video.

When depletion and cramps kicked in, they had to travel a final 9 miles. But a final half mile was behind to a lope to finish strong, in box his father was there. 
“We hoped he was going to be there. It depended on how he was feeling that day. He doesn’t leave a residence too most anymore,” pronounced Kaszar. 

With dual blocks left, Kaszar saw his father in his wheelchair right during a finish line and ran to him.
“Seeing him sitting during a finish line, we usually became, roughly like now, totally overcome with not usually what we had usually finished, though to see him there was usually positively so amazing,” pronounced a unapproachable son.
Dave Kaszar is still collecting income for ALS research. On Friday, his sum was around $10,000. With income he was handed at the competition and some-more donated online, a guess now is closer to $18,000, usually a brief lope left to his idea of $20,000. 

Click here if you’d like to donate and assistance this group grasp their goal.
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