Patient Voices: ALS

June 20, 2017 - als

David Robinson, a former paratrooper whom friends call Doc, harmed his behind in 2002. A few months later, he began to dump things though explanation. For a few years, he attempted to work by his flesh weakness, meditative it was a outcome of his injury. But when medicine suggested no durability repairs from his injury, Mr. Robinson began to scrutinise further.

In Jun 2008, a four-hour prolonged electromyography, or EMG, suggested that a means of his on-going debility was A.L.S.

Mr. Robinson has mislaid excellent engine control in his hands and strength in his arms and wrists. His legs are clever adequate to stand, though he relies on a wheelchair to get around since his wrists are not clever adequate for crutches.

As a male over 6 feet tall, Mr. Robinson pronounced he has been perplexing to get used to a perspective from a wheelchair.

Describing himself as stubborn, he has a tough time seeking for assistance with things like reaching high shelves and buttoning his shirt. Still, Mr. Robinson stays active, operative for a ALS Association, sailing and assisting out associate veterans. He feels that by vital a full life now, he prepares for his contingent passing.

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