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September 18, 2014 - als

One of a biggest campaigns to go viral on amicable media had zero to do with politics, though all to do with awareness. 

If we were on Facebook during a final few months, we were bombarded with videos of people transfer ice H2O over their heads to lift recognition and income for a ALS Foundation.  Celebrities did it, athletes did it, politicians did it … it seemed like everybody was doing it.

So where is a income indeed going?  If you’re to trust a bloggers, that income is being used for a lot of things besides research.  In an Aug. 28 post, a blog PoliticalEars.com done this claim:

“We’ve been duped. America is filled with fun-loving and caring people. The viral ice bucket plea has total both a clarity of shortcoming to a associate tellurian with fun. And it has been fun! Who didn’t adore saying Sarah Palin doused?    

“But wait? Ice Bucket Challenge donations are impending $100 MILLION. Where is that income going?     According to a ALS Foundation, not towards ALS.

“Over 73% of all donations lifted are going to fundraising, overhead, executive salaries, and outmost donations. Less than 27% is indeed used for a purpose we donated for.    

“According to a ECFA, a free watchdog, 27% of donations indeed creation it to a means they are donated to is unacceptable. In fact, a ECFA won’t hold a non-profit as a arguable gift unless during slightest 80% of donations make it to their dictated projects. …

“The ALS Foundation is a terrible classification to send your money. If we confirm to take a Ice Bucket Challenge, might we humbly advise that we name a well-researched gift (on your own, no endorsements here) and send it to them.”

Our partners during PolitiFact motionless to take adult a plea of questioning this claim.  PolitiFact contributor Joshua Gillin says that a blog’s explain gets a PANTS ON FIRE rating.  Gillin says that there’s a lot of things wrong with these assertions.

“Unfortunately, usually about a usually thing they got right was a 27 percent number,” pronounced Gillin.  “However, that comes from a ALS Association, not a ALS Foundation, that are dual clearly apart entities.  Money from a ALS Association goes to things like research, referrals for patients to assistance with their disease, advocacy for some-more funding, et cetera, et cetera … Seventy-nine percent of a ALS Association’s income goes toward their settled goals, though keep in mind that this is not the ALS Foundation.”

Gillin pronounced that if that’s as distant as a explain went, afterwards it might have been rated FALSE, though what pushed it to a PANTS ON FIRE area was a delegate explain about a ECFA (Evangelical Council for Financial Accountability) being a watchdog.  “We called a ECFA and asked them about this,” pronounced Gillin.  “They told us that they don’t discharge any arrange of tests like that, that they don’t rate them, and that fundamentally that a assertions in a explain unequivocally had zero to do with them.”

Based on a miss of corroboration from a ECFA and a mistaken use of a numbers between a ALS Foundation and a ALS Association, this explain was rated PANTS ON FIRE by PolitiFact’s Truth-O-Meter.



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