‘Pray with me … until a end’: Beloved Fort Worth clergyman battles lethal disease

August 12, 2018 - als

He led north Fort Worth in request for dual decades, though this time a Rev. Stephen Jasso needs a prayers.

Only 5 months after he retired as personality of All Saints Parish on a ancestral north side, a Franciscan clergyman and dauntless champion for a city’s bad and unable has been diagnosed with Lou Gehrig’s disease.

His career has taken him from encampment missions on mountaintops in Peru to Washington and a meeting with President George W. Bush.

Now, during 85, Jasso faces genocide with a same bravery and steely solve he showed in heading his church and a Latino and newcomer communities in Texas and Fort Worth.

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“I consider my finale will be really strong,” he told a teary-eyed City Council cover final week, vocalization from a motorized wheelchair as Mayor Betsy Price gave him a soothing lick on a impertinence and a commercial declaring “Father Jasso Day.”

Father Jasso 02.JPG

“I know where ALS leads me,” he said. ALS is amyotrophic parallel sclerosis, a on-going neuron illness improved famous as Lou Gehrig’s.

“I’m here to offer — I’m here to love,” he said: “I’m here to lift my cranky all a proceed to a finish of a road.”

Days later, Jasso welcomed guest during a parish, where he once unbarred a church doors during 6 a.m. scarcely each day. He stays as a vicar.

“I never had any thought what ALS was,” he said.

He began feeling diseased in February, he said. The ALS was diagnosed Jun 29.

Already, he has mislaid use of muscles on his left side and left arm. (He’s left-handed.)

“I am not clever here or here,” he said, indicating to his arms and legs. But his heart is “stronger,” he said: “And my adore for God and for people is stronger than ever.”

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He still receives parishioners daily for counseling, admission and to write references to assistance immigrants or their family members come as authorised permanent residents.

After 53 years as a priest, initial in Peru and Mexico City, Jasso pronounced he can no longer applaud Mass “because we can’t mount up.”

“But we would adore to applaud one Mass each Sunday from my wheelchair,” he said.

Jasso, innate in Waco as one of 15 children in a family of migrant San Luis Potosi plantation workers, came to Fort Worth in 1985 during a rise of a crime call of lethal teenage squad shootouts.

The Star-Telegram graphic him personification 8-ball with north side teenagers during a Boys Girls Club subsequent to a church.

Jasso struck adult a quick fondness with then-Mayor Kay Granger, military Chief Thomas Windham and open propagandize superintendents to ease assault and foster assent and preparation on a north side.

More recently, Jasso helped classify an interfaith advisory cabinet for Price.

The commercial for “Father Jasso Day” praised his “humble use and active village involvement.”

“His heart is with Christ, a church and people,” pronounced Bishop Michael Olson of a Catholic Diocese of Fort Worth.

Olson pronounced Jasso is portion in a Franciscan tradition: “Even in his suffering, he wants to give of himself to Christ and a people of his church. It shows a munificence of spirit.”

Father Jasso 04.JPG

When we visited Jasso, he talked again about carrying a cross, a biblical anxiety to pang and Christ’s crucifixion.

“I’m carrying a cranky since we feel — this illness — for some reason, God has available it,” he said.

“I will lift it as a Lord carried his cranky for me,” he said. Suffering “is partial of bland living,” he said.

He mislaid his father, Domingo, in 2006 during age 103.

“I was anticipating — ” Jasso said.

He didn’t finish a sentence.

Then he altered a subject.

“This has turn a new challenge,” he said: “I am seeking people to urge with me all a proceed until a end.”

One night earlier, we went to an anniversary accepting during Joe T. Garcia’s for a high propagandize classmate’s hermit and his wife.

Tom Fruge, 59, grew adult in a General Dynamics family in a Burton Hill neighborhood. He married a high propagandize sweetheart, Nancy, and went on to turn head of Goldman Sachs Private Lending in New York.

Now, he has late and a Fruges have come home.

He also has ALS.

So far, he has lifted $5,000 in pledges for a Fort Worth Walk to Defeat ALS Oct. 27 in Trinity Park.

“I would adore to accommodate with him,” Jasso said. “I wish us to urge and ask a Lord to find a solution.”

Jasso pronounced he wants to leave Fort Worth and America with a summary to “support family life and values.”

“If we remove a values of this country, we turn nothing,” he said.

He wants Fort Worth to be “a amatory city with amatory persons — people who caring for others.”

“ … Tell a people we adore them,” he pronounced — “all of them. Poor, rich, common and conceited — even a conceited we love, since they have a lot to learn.”

Now is a time to adore Father Jasso.

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