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December 30, 2016 - als

ALS has taken Anthony Carbajal’s ability to reason a camera. But he’s still a photographer.

This year, a 29-year-old Redlands proprietor began to concentration on travel photography, holding photos of his north Redlands area from a wheelchair-mounted camera.

“I try not to concentration on my limitations,” pronounced Carbajal, who was diagnosed with ALS in 2014. He pronounced he’d rather ask if those “limitations (are) formulating other opportunities?”

Carbajal mostly travels from his home he shares with his wife, Laarne Palec, also a photographer, to Augie’s Coffee House downtown and back, a four- to five-mile roundtrip.

He takes photos along a approach and has met people, he said, he might not have otherwise.

“At first, we used to be distressed pushing by certain tools of north Redlands. It only didn’t feel as protected as south Redlands,” Carbajal said. “But after we go by it, each singular day and assembly a lot of people … everybody is impossibly nice. The people we suspicion we was frightened of, they also have their possess stories.”

Carbajal and Palec changed to Redlands a integrate years ago, with a assistance of a concession from “The Ellen Degeneres Show.”

They were invited on a uncover after Carbajal’s ALS Ice Bucket Challenge video went viral.

In his video, Carbajal pokes fun during a plea though afterwards gets critical about his diagnosis, violation down on camera and pity his story.

Carbajal has been around ALS many of his life.

His grandmother was diagnosed with ALS, a neurodegenerative disease, when he was in center propagandize and his mom was diagnosed when he was in high school.

“It’s really singular to get this illness during such a immature age,” he said. “It really took me off guard. we never suspicion we would get this disease. It was kind of uncanny when it all happened.”

The illness started in his hands, arms and shoulders. Now, a illness is solemnly surpassing to other muscles. Although he can still walk, he also uses his wheelchair daily.

“This illness solemnly immobilizes you,” he said. “Every flesh in my physique is atrophying even a muscles that assistance we breath, talk, swallow — everything. It’s flattering scary. There’s no heal or treatment.”

Carbajal and his wife, who were dating during a time of Carbajal’s diagnosis, went on to marry in Nov 2014.

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