Researchers: Former fullback Kevin Turner died of modernized CTE, not ALS

November 5, 2016 - als

Former New England Patriots and Philadelphia Eagles fullback Kevin Turner spent a final several years of his life bringing recognition to amyotrophic parallel sclerosis, or Lou Gehrig’s disease, that doctors diagnosed him with in 2010.

But researchers during Boston University announced on Thursday that Turner, who died in Mar during usually 46 years old, did not humour from ALS though serious CTE, modernized serve than researchers have formerly seen in a actor who died during such a comparatively immature age.

During a news conference, Dr. Ann McKee pronounced an autopsy showed Turner had died of ongoing dire encephalopathy; ALS and CTE can benefaction similarly.

“This is not ALS; this is CTE,” McKee said. “The astringency of Mr. Turner’s CTE was unusual and rare for an contestant who died in his 40s.”

An Alabama native, Turner began personification football during a immature age, and a competition took him to a University of Alabama and afterwards to an eight-year career in a NFL spent with a Patriots and Eagles from 1992-1999. Doctors trust a decades Turner spent personification a diversion – and a thousands of collisions he endured – are a reason his CTE was so severe.

“We trust a impassioned astringency of Kevin Turner’s illness is associated to his 25-season career and a fact that he began personification tackle football during age 5, while his mind was still fast building and some-more vulnerable,” B.U. highbrow Robert Cantu said.

Turner isn’t a initial contestant to be secretly diagnosed with ALS; McKee pronounced former Boston College linebacker Ron Perryman, who died in 2011, was also told he had ALS usually to have a postmortem autopsy uncover he had CTE.

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