Revelstoke golfers aim for 200 holes for ALS

June 24, 2015 - als

Golf is routinely a quiet, patient, relaxing sport. Crowds still and assent of mind is sought as players line adult their shot.

Except when you’re perplexing to play 200 holes in one day. Then it’s full on. No use swings, no imprinting a ball, and unequivocally no watchful for your partner to putt.

“If we can’t keep up, we’ll only leave we behind. There’s no etiquette. It’s gone,” says Taylor Pearcey, who last year golfed 200 holes for a Golfathon for ALS. “Normally with golf we don’t wish anyone to move, make a noise, be quiet. On a golfathon, we can be pushing right behind and I’ll be in a center of my swing. We’ll both be putting during a same time.”

The Golfathon for ALS is an annual fundraiser in that golf pros opposite British Columbia try to play as many rounds as probable to lift income for ALS research.

Last year, Pearcey and former Revelstoke Golf Club superintendent Greg Austin played 200 holes together, besting a prior march record of 189 holes set by former pro John Franks in 2013.

This year, Pearcey, a club’s men’s captain, will be assimilated by bar pro Dean Jackson as they try to compare final year’s outcome for a annual fundraiser. That means golfing 11 rounds, and dual additional holes, in one day. It means starting during 4:30 a.m., or earlier, and personification by headlamp, if necessary. It means personification a turn in about an hour, instead of a common four.

They take adult a plea on Monday, Jun 29.

Pearcey pronounced final year’s bid was tiring, though he enjoyed each notation of it. “There wasn’t a indicate where we didn’t wish to keep doing it anymore,” he said.

For Jackson, this is a initial time he’s taken adult a plea in some-more than a decade. The final time he did it, he finished 10 rounds, he recalled.

“When we told Dean, he was a small scared,” pronounced Pearcey.

“I’ve finished it before, though it’s been years,” pronounced Jackson. “We’re going to give it a good go, we’re going to get it done. Taylor knows we play unequivocally fast.”

Jackson pronounced a pivotal will be to stay hydrated and eat good during a day. He also suggested bringing an additional span of hosiery and shoes. “I remember blisters final time we did it,” he said.

Supporters can make donations to a means during a Revelstoke Golf Club or by a Golfathon for ALS website. Pearcey pronounced several bar members will be fasten them via a day, though he warned they’ll have to pierce fast or else they’ll be left behind.

Golfers on a march will be warned of a eventuality holding place. Pearcey pronounced if there’s a organisation forward of them, they’ll simply scream out, wish they get out of a way, and play through.

And if they have a possibility to play some-more than 200 holes, they’ll go for it.

“It would be fun to kick it, so we’ll see what happens,” pronounced Pearcey.

Pearcey and Jackson have their work cut out for them if they wish to kick a universe record. An Austrialian pro, Ben Berger set that symbol when he played 612 holes in one day in 2010.


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