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Drum Bugle Corps Unites Two Madison Families in Fight opposite ALS

Drum bugle corps has a abounding birthright in Wisconsin with marching units sparse via a State. With thousands of immature adults in a activity, dating and critical relations among drum bugle corps alumni are not odd – in many cases heading to marriage. This was a box for Madison residents John Weekes and Cristin McKenna, who were marching members from dual opposite drum and bugle corps. They married in 2006 and are now unapproachable relatives of sons Michael and Matthew. John and Cristin’s kinship was standard in many ways. However, they common an generally singular bond – any mislaid a tighten family member to Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis (ALS).

John mislaid his hermit Steve Weekes in 2005 during a age of 44 and Cristin mislaid her father Mike McKenna in 2001 during age 53.

Family roots in Wisconsin drum bugle corps

The McKenna and Weekes families are ardent supporters of drum and bugle corps, and their impasse dates behind many years. The families were rarely concerned with a Madison Scouts Junior and Senior Corps, a Appleton Americanos, and a Capitol Sound. Mike McKenna began with a Madison Scouts Drum Bugle Corps as a marching member in 1964 and served thereafter in a accumulation of proffer roles, including house of directors’ member.

The Weekes brothers – Karl, Steve and John – assimilated a Madison Scouts Drum Bugle Corps in a early 80s and 90s, and after Steve became an instructor for a Madison Scouts. Meanwhile, a McKenna siblings, Cristin and Kelley McKenna, marched in a Appleton Americanos Drum Bugle Corps, and Joe and Tom marched in a Madison Scouts Jr. Drum Bugle Corps.

John Weekes and Cristin McKenna met in 1996 since of their family’s loyalty to a drum and bugle corps activity, and following Mike McKenna’s diagnosis in 1998 and Steve Weekes’ diagnosis in 1999, John and Cristin had their initial date in 2002. In a following years, their attribute would grow, though conjunction Mike McKenna nor Steve Weekes would be during their wedding.

ALS illness finds disciple in Madison Scouts Drum Bugle Corps

After diagnosis, Steve Weekes squandered no time apropos an disciple for ALS. While watchful for diagnosis during an

ALS clinic, accompanied by siblings Monica and John Weekes, Steve resolved to emanate an ALS fundraiser. Steve was now a drummer for a rope Wall of Sound, and a brass-heavy organisation energetically volunteered to title a fundraising event. In 2000, a initial annual Rockin’ For A Cure ALS advantage kicked off with a assistance of a Muscular Dystrophy Association and alumni of a Madison Scouts Drum Bugle Corps.

The Madison Scouts Corps fast became a ardent bedrock of support. In further to providing low-pitched performances for a fundraiser, Madison Scouts alumni accumulate during any annual eventuality and sing a signature rallying strain for a Corps, “You’ll Never Walk Alone.” Adding to a waste from a disease, ALS struck again in 2010, with Madison Scouts alum Charles Eikel flitting divided from a disease. Eikel was a marching member in a 1950s Madison Scouts and after became a member of a Board of Directors.

The ALS Association Wisconsin Chapter

In 2010, Rockin’ For A Cure partnered with a ALS Association Wisconsin Chapter, a premiere flagship of ALS support for investigate and studious services in Wisconsin. The partnership towering a fundraiser and strengthened a commitment. At Rockin’ For A Cure 2013 and 2015, ALS Association Patient Advocate Jim Eutizzi gave a tearful,

yet carefree and moving speech. Jim was tighten to a hearts and in 2016 we were dejected when ALS took his life.

We continue a conflict for Jim, Steve, Mike Chuck, and a thousands of patients now fighting this disease.

“It’s because we do what we do,” says Kelley McKenna. Now in a 18th year, Rockin’ For A Cure has lifted some-more than $110,000. Funding provides required studious services and investigate supports for Wisconsin patients.

Don’t skip this year’s eventuality during a Radisson Hotel Madison on Apr 22nd. Musical party includes The Big Payback, Jim White, and The Jim Ott Brass Ensemble 3rd Coast. You can bid on some-more than 100 wordless auction equipment and suffer appetizers and a money bar. This year’s guest speakers from a ALS Association Wisconsin Chapter embody Executive Director Melanie Roach-Bekos and Patient Advocate John Jaeckel. Tickets are $30 during a door, or $20 in allege during

ALS (also famous as Lou Gehrig’s Disease) is a degenerative neuromuscular illness with no heal and normal life outlook of usually 3-5 years. It can strike anyone and is infrequently genetically inherited.

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