Runners support UMass ALS Cellucci Fund during Boston Marathon

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Chris Benyo pushes his mother Denise DiMarzo, who has ALS, adult Heartbreak Hill during a 2014 Boston Marathon.
(Photo pleasantness of Sue Rothberg)

Six people will paint a UMass ALS Cellucci Fund in a 2016 Boston Marathon to lift recognition of and supports for breakthrough amyotrophic parallel sclerosis investigate underway during UMass Medical School.

For curtain Chris Benyo, there is no other competition like Boston. When he crosses a starting line in Hopkinton on Apr 18, it will be a fifth Boston Marathon he’s run and his 45th marathon overall. What creates it special, though, is that he will be using it for a second time with his wife, Denise DiMarzo, who was diagnosed with ALS in Dec 2010, 6 months after their wedding.

DiMarzo had only started using before they were married and a dual had talked about training and using a marathon together, pronounced her husband.

“And afterwards she got sick. we wanted to keep my guarantee to her,” Benyo said, adding that he will be pulling her in a specifically designed using chair contributed by The Hoyt Foundation. “It’s an awful, awful illness that we wouldn’t wish on anyone. My mother is extraordinary and inspires everybody. She keeps me going and fights it each day.”

They have finished 7 marathons together. In December, when DiMarzo reached a five-year anniversary of her diagnosis, she done it famous that she wanted to strech 10 marathons post-diagnosis; Boston will be their eighth, with a ninth and 10th races in New Jersey and their home state of Illinois after this year.

“Once she upheld that miracle we wanted to celebrate,” Benyo said. “There is zero like Boston; it is a summary of prolonged stretch running.”

There are many inspirations that pull people to a march and a charities that participate. This is a fifth year a Cellucci Fund has been selected to be partial of a John Hancock nonprofit marathon program. The partnership provides central competition numbers to those who dedicate to lifting $7,500 to support ALS investigate during UMMS. Through loyalty and commitment, a Cellucci Fund marathon teams have lifted some-more than $225,000.

Since a account was determined in 2011 in respect of former Massachusetts Gov. Paul Cellucci, who died from complications of ALS in 2013, it has generated $3.9 million. The income lifted goes to account ALS breakthroughs function opposite UMMS and in a laboratory of Robert H. Brown Jr., DPhil, MD, a Leo P. and Theresa M. LaChance Chair in Medical Research, chair and highbrow of neurology, Gov. Cellucci’s personal medicine and one of a world’s heading ALS researchers.

For Jaime Miller of Hudson, a dream came loyal when she reached out to Jan Cellucci, mother of a late governor, and perceived her support to turn partial of a Cellucci Fund team. It will be Nash’s third marathon, though her initial Boston.

“While using Boston has been a dream of mine, using it to support Dr. Brown and his group is an implausible honor,” Miller said. “I find that with this disease, it leaves us feeling helpless, though it is good to be means to minister in some way.”

Like a Benyo and DiMarzo, Miller and using partner Sue Beaulieu, also of Hudson, know a impact of ALS on a desired one: Miller will run in respect of her brother, Terry Nash, who has ALS, and Beaulieu will run in memory of her father, Jack Veo, who died from ALS.

To learn some-more about a 2016 UMass ALS Cellucci Fund Boston Marathon group and accommodate a other members, Kerri Floramo and Angela Mioglionico, revisit a UMass ALS Cellucci Fund website.

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