Santee male to travel opposite America for ALS in amatory memory of his mother

February 3, 2016 - als

March 1, is a sixth anniversary of his mother’s passing. She was diagnosed with amyotrophic parallel sclerosis (ALS), also famous as Lou Gehrig’s illness in 2008. So in reverence to his mother, Mark Solz of Santee will start his ALS Walk Across America. He is sharpened to finish his tour during a Yankee Stadium by a finish of September, wanting to be there for a final home stand.

“I’m starting during Petco Park, travelling Old Hwy 80 by Alpine, down to Ocotillo, afterwards north by Flagstaff, afterwards true opposite to Tennessee,” pronounced Solz. “When we strike Roanoke, VA, afterwards I’ll start streamer up—ending adult in Yankee Stadium. This year outlines a 75th year of Lou Gehrig flitting and we suspicion it would be a wise reverence to him, and with my ball roots…”

Now 52, Solz has lead an ever changing life. He grew adult in Santee, went to Santana High School, personification CIF ball until he graduated in 1981. He afterwards went on to play for SDSU, afterwards minored with a Cubs.

Since baseball, Solz spent a infancy of his career in construction, vital in Houston for 20 years, transitioned into oil and gas, business growth and pronounced his life was successful, creation good money, and traveling. But during a prejudiced knee replacement, Solz pronounced he had several weeks laying around, where he began reevaluating his life.

“There are some things we wanted to do in life and if we didn’t do them, we would bewail it,” he said. “So we left my job, sole my house, all we had and changed to Hollywood to pursue acting. Did a lot of Indie Films, tyro films, TV and operative my approach into it, though this transport kept tugging on me”

A review he had with his mom while fighting ALS.

“I saw her losing her ability to walk,” he said. “Her sign always was ‘Living out Loud’ and it was tough to see someone that outgoing, get trapped in their possess body. we told her, ‘I’d like to transport opposite a United States for you, Mom.’ Through her mechanism she told me to move her remains along with me and dump a small in any state. Mom desired to travel, so we will be doing that.”

Solz teamed adult with a ALS gift Team Gleason. Steve Gleason, a football actor for a New Orleans Saints, was diagnosed with ALS in 2011 during a age of 34. Along with his wife, they started a gift to uncover there was still life to be lived, even with ALS.

“Something about his suggestion only resonated,” pronounced Solz. “He only wouldn’t quit. His classification helps people with ALS so that they get a record so they can continue to communicate.”

He pronounced that was one smashing thing he saw with his mom when she perceived a appurtenance that helped her to communicate. Without a retina indicate record accessible now, when she mislaid a ability to use her arms, she also totally mislaid her ability to communicate. Solz pronounced Gleason’s story gives him impulse to finish his passion to take this tour for his mother, and to lift income for a charity.

“Team Gleason also gives people an event to go on an adventure, a quest. So let’s see what we can do to assistance lift income for them and lift some awareness,” he said.

While training he sprang a vinculum in his feet due to crude shoes. But his damage became a confident experience. He found an orthopedic walking shoe from Drew Shoes. He sent them an e-mail on how good they were and now Drew Shoes is his central shoe unite for a walk, and drifting in this month to ready an talk to underline on a website.

For training, Solz is walking some-more than 10 miles a day and holding yoga for a earthy and mental training for a journey.

“Taking on walking 3,200 miles, mentally we consider it is going to be as perplexing as physically,” he said. “Especially times by a dried all by yourself and wondering, ‘What a ruin am we doing out here?’”

Solz pronounced people response is certain with many wishing they could do something like this themselves. He pronounced in many cases, work, obligations, family keep people from following by with something they are ardent about. He pronounced he understands them since that is a life he was living, and he wanted more. But for a time being, he gave adult on what is routinely deliberate successful, and is following his heart to perform his wish for his mother.

“I worked tough during removing all of my debt behind me to concede me to do this. I’m not retired, I’m on a quest,” he said.

Solz will be roving with a pull transport (like a dog carriage) to container everything, including tents, and sleeping bags. There will be a lot of tent camping presumably during campgrounds or secrecy camping, and skeleton to stop on arise during a place where he can rest adult and purify up.

After revelation his story to a Uber customer, whose father had ALS also, a patron and his son are fasten him during Petco Park and transport a initial few miles with them, “and that is an invitation to anyone who would like to do a same,” pronounced Solz. His transport starts Mar 1, during 9 a.m. during Petco Park.

He pronounced that many have asked what he is going to do after a transport is completed, though right now he is focusing on a walk.

“I know I’m not walking behind for sure,” he said. “I’m going to biography a experience, blogging, and presumably write a subsequent biggest novel. And we would like to get into open speaking, parlaying a thought of following your passions.”

To find out some-more about Solz’s ALS Walk Across America revisit and follow his blog. There is a ALS Walk Across America by Mark Solz GoFundMe account, Facebook and Twitter @Marksolz.

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