‘Screw ALS’ with a potion of wine

November 3, 2016 - als

Join Cheryl Strella, of El Dorado Hills, during a Screw ALS fundraiser by a finish of November.

Strella was initial diagnosed with ALS, also famous as Lou Gehrig’s disease, in Jan of 2015. She was a pediatric RN for some-more than 20 years and taught during Sacramento City College for 10 years.

The 51-year-old worked until a illness forced her to retire in Dec of 2015.

“I can no longer get myself dressed or send myself to a chair,” Strella said. “I can't eat many dishes and my father baths me.”

Strella’s recommendation for those being initial diagnosed is to stay carefree and keep a grin on, she said.

To lift recognition and supports in support of The ALS Association, Greater Sacramento Chapter, Screw ALS is a 3 month-long booze tasting pass event. While a eventuality usually has one month left, now is a improved time than ever to minister to a suggestive cause.

The fundraiser includes giveaway tastings and other perks during 50 wineries opposite El Dorado, Amador, Lincoln, Lodi, Auburn and a Old Sugar Mill.

“We offer 300 patients a year and a supports go to support a work we do for research, services and apparatus we yield for patients,” pronounced Amy Sugimoto, executive executive of a Greater Sacramento Chapter.

Screw ALS has singular VIP passports starting during $45. Other than giveaway tastings, a pass includes a giveaway appetizer, if available, and special booze bar pricing on all purchases on a day of visit.

“Every dump adds adult and after a profoundly successful inhabitant Ice Bucket Challenge to heal ALS, we competence contend we’re branch H2O into wine,” Sugimoto said. “We wanted to emanate a Sacramento fundraiser that would be sparkling and fun, while also lifting recognition about ALS and supports to support thousands of people influenced by a illness in this region.”

While a fundraiser ends Nov. 31, some wineries devise to still respect a pass for a time after, she said.

So far, Screw ALS has lifted $5,000, with a idea of $17,000.

“The supports have a approach and poignant impact on a patients,” Sugimoto said, “and it means all to them. From support organisation meetings to assisting with navigating a disease, it means a universe to a patients and us.”

To squeeze passports, go to www.screwals.org. 

Not to prolonged ago, Strella and her father Mike participated in an ALS travel with Team Cheryl’s Angels. They lifted some-more than $10,000 in support of a Greater Sacramento Chapter.

“The categorical thing is they yield services and any assistance ALS patients need. It is really important,” Mike said.

He pronounced any income they have lifted has come behind to them in some approach or another.

“Fight, fight, fight.” – Cheryl Strella’s motto.

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