Shoals village raises income for former manager battling ALS

December 22, 2015 - als

A former manager in a Shoals battling Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis or ALS got a most indispensable Christmas present from a community.

Steve Mayfield was diagnosed with ALS in 2015 and he has been battling a illness ever since. We initial told we about Steve’s fight to try opposite initial drugs that could stop a illness behind this summer.

As ALS attacks Steve’s physique navigating his home is removing some-more difficult.

“My arms are so diseased we can’t locate myself,” pronounced Mayfield. “I finished adult descending and indeed attack my conduct on a window seal.”

The Mayfields knew as Steve’s illness progressed, a need to make a home handicapped-accessible would spin greater. Family friends of a Mayfield’s set adult a “GoFundMe account” and lifted over $12,000 to spin a garage into Steve’s new bedroom.


constuction on mayfield home 2

Construction crews contend they will have Steve Mayfield’s new disabled permitted room prepared after Christmas.  

“It’s going to be extensive since going adult a stairs now we am genuine careful,” pronounced Mayfield.

Construction crews are now operative on a 450-square-foot further that will have all Steve needs as he battles this disease.

“They’re creation it wheelchair accessible. If it comes to that indicate — that we wish it doesn’t, though there is a probability it will — I’ll be means to get in. There will be a ramp,” pronounced Mayfield.


steve mayfield in destiny bathroom

Steve Mayfield holding a demeanour during what will be his new disabled permitted bathroom. Mayfield is battling ALS. The illness could leave him wheelchair bound. 

Mayfield pronounced he can’t trust all a adore and support a village has shown. Donations to a GoFundMe comment lifted a income for his room in one month.

“It’s humbling and it’s touching. we told somebody it only shows a energy of sports and tie with your aged players,” pronounced Mayfield.


constuction on mayfield home

Construction crews operative on regulating Steve Mayfield’s new room. 

The rest of a income lifted by a comment will go to Steve’s transport losses as he goes to North Carolina for an initial drug called Ibutalaist.

“It’s tough to tell accurately what it’s doing. we have review reports where it is assisting people’s breathing,” pronounced Mayfield.

Mayfield is fighting for a heal not only for himself, though other ALS patients.

“Hopefully it will assistance them, and I’ll play some partial or some purpose in removing this medicine approved,” pronounced Mayfield.

The construction crews trust they will have Steve’s new room finish someday after Christmas.

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