Sigma Chi gets cold to quarrel ALS

October 29, 2015 - als

On Monday, Oct. 26, a brothers of Sigma Chi companionship hold an ALS Ice Bucket Challenge in just-below 50-degree continue as partial of their Derby Days to assistance lift income for a ALS Association.

Union’s section of a companionship has selected to dedicate a Derby Days week to fundraising for and lifting recognition of ALS.

This eventuality is nearby and dear to a hearts of a brothers of Sigma Chi because, in 2008, Ryan Murphy ’16, a hermit of a fraternity, found out his father had been diagnosed with ALS.

Sigma Chi President William Gibbs ’17 pronounced Murphy’s “father was diagnosed and still continues his conflict today. As a result, we have dedicated a efforts this week to fighting behind opposite ALS and lifting income for research.”

Sigma Chi’s Ice Bucket Challenge, that was hold outward of Reamer Campus Center during 5 p.m., was a second eventuality of a chapter’s Derby Days and sought to lift recognition for a illness and respect Murphy’s father’s ongoing battle.

The brothers had high expectations for a event. They got into hit with opposite clubs, sporting groups and other campus organizations to make a eventuality a success.

Prior to a event, Jordan Cooper ’18 stated, “We are awaiting a large throng and good fundraising results.”

According to Gibbs, Sigma Chi lifted over $600 during a event. As of Monday, a income lifted from Derby Days was already a third of what a section lifted final year.

But Gibbs said, “The income pales in comparison to a recognition that was lifted by a effort. ALS is a terrible illness that affects 30,000 people any year and their family members. If we can teach even one particular about ALS, we cruise a week to be a success.”

Based on a income lifted during a event, it is protected to contend a brothers prepared some-more than only one individual.

And Sigma Chi won’t be interlude there. Gibbs and his associate brothers demeanour to build on this success.

“We wish to continue this trend and minister to a bid opposite ALS,” Gibbs said.

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